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How can you use Essential Oils for Stress Relief?


We have normalized stress like it is no big deal. Even though technology has brought us closer, it is often difficult to unplug from the bitter-sweet happenings of social media. Constantly being connected, disturbed work-life balance, social pressure, deteriorating health and environmental issues have induced more stress than ever. 

Such is the gift of modern life that there is no escaping the anxiety and stress. The unpleasant state of mind can easily suck the fun out of your daily life. While dealing with anxiety and stress, you can easily fall back at work, mess up relationships and sometimes even harm yourself.

Eating well, seeing a therapist and staying of the ‘stressful situations’ can help a great deal. Fortunately, a simple introduction of the natural essential oils can effectively reduce your stress levels. The calming effect that these little bottles of magic have can be quite impressive.  

Some popular Essential oils that you should use are when you feel you are stressed.

Lavender oil

The best and most effective out of the essential oils lot, the lavender oil calms the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and body temperature. It puts your body in the state of tranquility. It is proven that lavender oil induces good night’s sleep, reduces anxiety and helps fight depression. 

Chamomile oil

This is an unfortunate truth that people now accept stress as normal. But that is not the truth. So what is stress and how to get rid of it?  Kaldan is offering essential oils for stress relief in her blog. Read it now and be stress free. 

Pretty much like chamomile tea, chamomile essential oil is a great mood lifter. The chamomile oil therapy helps lighten up your mood after a rough day at work or disappointing relationship problems. So, when you’re having a bad day simply use chamomile essential oil to get back into your energy mode. 

Bergamot oil

The bergamot oil has a citrus and bright scent which creates individualized scents when mixed with other essential oils. A mix of bergamot oil helps reduce stress and lift up your mood as it boosts the production of serotonin and dopamine, the happy hormones in your body. 

Sage oil

This oil can be your best friend if you’re prone to pre-test cold feet. Using sage oil before a stressful event like exam, interview etc can drastically calm your nerves. The sage oil is popularly used to promote a more alert state of mind. 

Ylang-Ylang oil

Ylang Ylang oil is relatively new in the essential oils department but its sedating properties make it a great new-entrant. It is said to have a positive effect in lowering blood pressure. Introducing Ylang-Ylang oil in your self-care routine can help reduce stress levels.

Begin with individual oils but gradually you’ll find your blend of oils that calms your being. Keep them in diff-users at home or wear them in diffusing necklaces, just don’t let stress take that gleaming smile away from your face.

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