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10 Simple steps to your own business *you get started*

10 Simple steps to your own business *you get started* by Kaldan Doma
10 Simple steps to your own business *you get started* by Kaldan Doma

You have your idea but do not know how to proceed? Here are 10 steps to our own company. And you get tips from someone who has already made the trip before you.

1. Find your product
For some it is obvious from the very beginning. For others, it’s about selling out the right idea Regardless of what it’s is like, it’s important to realize that in order for it to work, it’s not what you want in the first place – unless others see the benefits. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes. What joy / benefit will the customer have of your product or service? You are the one who will actually make a difference.

2. Write your business plan
Have you ever thought about seeking funding, you will need a business plan. But it might be good even to concertize your idea for yourself. What does your product / service look like? What does your audience look like? What is the customer’s needs? How does the market look today? Make a rough budget.

3. Select business form
Individual business, Stock company, Trading Company and so on. You need to think through what kind of company you want to start.

4. Build your network
Starting one’s own is many times a lonely run. For this reason, it is important to use its surroundings as a ball shelf to test thoughts and ideas. Use existing corporate networks in your area or social media where you can ask questions about everything you encounter. Here you can build important contacts both for knowledge and future customers. As you a beginner it is good to have a mentor or coach? Someone who already made the trip. There are many who want to share their skills, so dare to ask even those you do not know.

5. Check the funding
Are you planning to sneak off with small frames or require your business idea that you have capital from day one? There are many contributions to search in the local area where you live or go the goggle search.

6. Make a budget

When you tested your idea, it is important to make a slightly more accurate budget. Compile your expected costs and revenues over a year to get an idea of ​​what’s needed to get around with your business. Driving an individual company will be the excess of your “salary”.

If you run a limited company, your salary will instead be taken up under the item staff cost. Do not forget expenses for computer, mobile subscriptions, insurance, and so on. Especially in the beginning, there may be a lot of expenses just to get started. For example, do you need to invest in machinery or other equipment? Rent local? Then it’s important to get a clear picture of how big they are – and if you have funding that covers them.

7. Fix site / Web-shop
Starting up their business and then having “The site is under construction” does not give the best start. Try to have as well-functioning site as possible only for your customers to understand what you are doing, that you have the right skills and how they can reach you. Even if you do not plan to open a regular web shop, consider how to package your offer on the web. Even consultants can sell services on the web.

8. Register company
When you get ready and prepared – then it’s time to register the company. Sure, you can register earlier as well and check tax rules. It good to have an accountant.

9. Protect your business
Make sure you have registered, have copyright and patent the name, logo and brand for your company and products. It is good to check the rules and regulations.

10. Test your business idea
Everything begins and ends with your business idea. Does it hold? There are elaborate models for how to test their idea. Test your idea with friends and local market.

All these steps will bring a visible transformation in the workplace and employees. The companies which implement these changes will also witness a remarkable change in their production and sales.

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