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What is Telepathy?

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Telepathy is a Greek word where “Tele” means “distant” and “pathy” or “pathos” means “feeling” or “experience” so telepathy means the transfer of information from one individual to another without sensory or physical interactions. It is also called extrasensory perception. 

Telepathy describes the transfer of feelings or thoughts between two people without using any of the five typical human senses (touch, sound, taste, smell or sight) so it can happen between people having an extremely close relationship.

Telepathy is a mysterious connection between the subconscious and conscious minds. It is a psychic phenomenon. This type of communication can also be experienced by seeing dreams, images or hallucinations. It can happen between relatives, friends or any individuals.

Telepathy can be divided into 2 categories:

Telepathic communication: the ability to transfer messages or information from one person’s mind to another’s mind is telepathic communication.

Telepathic perception: the ability to receive the message or information from another person’s mind is telepathic perception.

Telepathy is a form of communication between two minds for example twins. Twin siblings are a great example of telepathic communication. Not all twins but some twins can read each other’s minds without saying a word or using other ways of communication. 

Telepathic messages can be received through emotions, feelings, images, thoughts, and desires. Some people can transfer or receive a telepathic message when dreaming. A highly emotional person is more likely to feel telepathic communication that’s why women are believed to be more telepathic than men because of their emotional state. 

Different types of telepathic activity: 

Telepathic impression:

Telepathy is not limited to humans only. It also occurs between animals and between animals and humans. It’s like planting a word, image or message into the mind of someone else.

Mental communication:

This telepathic activity is like a Smartphone of mind.

Mind reading:

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Mind reading is copying someone else’s mind without interfering with it.

Mind control:

Mind control is commanding the thoughts and the actions of a person through telepathy.

What are telepathic abilities?

The individual, who uses the telepathy, can read minds and the information stored into the brains of other people. This ability is also referred to as psychic ability. A person who is well versed with telepathy techniques and know-how to implement those techniques can communicate with the other person telepathically.

Telepathic abilities include dream manipulation, illusion manipulation, memory manipulation, and reading, mental barrier destruction, psychic torture, psychic communication and intuition, supernatural detection, thought manifestation and manipulation, dowsing, possession and animal telepathy, etc.

Types of telepathy:

Different types of telepathy produce different modes of activity and different areas of communication.

Mental telepathy: 

Mind to mind communication between two individuals. It is a form of extrasensory perception that allows an individual to have direct mental communication with the other one. You can understand the meaning of mental telepathy by two paths that are psychical examination (paranormal event) or clinical exploration of this phenomenon (a scientific experiment). Mental telepathy is achieved without using any oral communication or writing format of communication. This type of telepathy happens between two conscious people. 

Instinctual telepathy: 

Feeling based form of telepathy. It is the lowest type of telepathy. It is believed that this form of telepathy is broadly prominent in the animal kingdom but still instinctual telepathy is considered as a normal way to communicate among many indigenous cultures. Instinctual telepathy mostly happens when a person feels that he or she needs another person even when that person is far away. It usually happens between an individual who shares very strong emotional bonds such as parents and kids, best friends and married partners. 

Spiritual telepathy: 

 It is soul to soul communication. Spiritual telepathy is considered as the highest form of telepathy. This form of telepathy is only possible when a person possesses the ability to connect the brain, mind, and soul. When a person learns the spiritual technique of telepathy he or she gains the ability to navigate between spiritual and physical realms. One must be an expert in creative meditation to develop these connections.  

How to learn telepathy:

If someone wants to learn or practice telepathy, he/she should have patience. Do not expect overnight results, every skill requires time to be perfect and every talent improves with patience and practice. The person should in good health because well being is the key to effective communication. If you are sick you are not able to project your feelings or thoughts through telepathy.

Focus your thoughts:

Relax your body and mind and try to connect with your physical and mental senses. Telepathy practice requires great mental focus so stretch your muscles like yoga practice to relax your body physically and mentally. Regular yoga and stretching practice can help you boost focus and relaxed state. Practice meditation to calm your mind.

Send a message through telepathy:

First of all, visualize the person you want to send a message. Close your eyes and imagine that the person is right in front of you and you are communicating with that person. Focus these feelings strongly and feel that you are building a connection with the person. Try to focus on simple words or images and send your message. Visualize that you are talking to that person’s face to face and share the thoughts you are sending through a telepathic message. Then ask the receiver whatever comes to his/her mind. Before you ask the receiver make sure you write down the thoughts you transmitted then compare both to check the accuracy.

You can also practice telepathy communication with your partner. Relax your mind, focus your thoughts and share your message visualizing your partner and then compare your thoughts with the thoughts which came to your partner’s mind. These are very simple ways to learn and practice telepathy techniques.

Telepathy is a brain to brain conversation between two individuals. It is not easy to learn. One needs to have complete information about telepathy techniques and should know how to implement these techniques to read or control another person’s mind.

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