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About Us

About me and what inspired me to start it

I believe if one has knowledge and experience then it’s better to share as you don’t know who might need it. With this mind, I started to write my blogs. For the last 18 years I have been working with coaching and giving talks on how to rediscover your authentic self to live a healthy, happy life. I have courses and workshop if you want to know more about them email us.

About the Mind life skills

Mind Life Skills are about sharing and guiding readers to find and rediscover by being honest to themselves about who they are and where they want to reach in their lives. It is too unshod all the pre-programming and gets refreshed towards a better self.

This is a place where you learn the skills which will help you break through your limitations and see beyond all that is or has been stopping you.

Our mission is to inspire our readers to overcome their obstacles in their lives through our articles and through our workshops you will learn the skills that will empower you as you unleash your limitations.