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How to overcome fear of rejection


Is fear of rejection handing you a social anxiety? Here are the skills on how to reprogram your root causes and get a breakthrough.

Rejection hurts, whether it belongs to a friendship, dating, job or any other relationship. Rejection is a relatively dreadful experience, nobody want to have. Sometimes the pain of rejection is very intense and it can generate the areas of the brain that a physical pain does. That is the reason why people have fear of rejection. 

How it affects?

When fear jumps to rule your life, the consequences are very obvious. Fear of rejection affects your life negatively, whether you recognize it or not. The fear of rejection hold you back and prevent from taking risks in life and reaching your massive goals. The problem become bitter when you don’t realize, before it’s too late and it swivels into griefs. Even the fear of rejection can originate as a self fulfilling vision. 

When you are precisely directed on getting rejected, actually you are tempting more rejection as per the law of attraction. You receive what you are focusing on. When your whole focus is on ‘what you don’t want’, obviously you will get ‘what you don’t want’ instead of what you desire in your life. As a result, you are skipping out the incredible gifts of life. In this situation, don’t let the fear prevent you from attaining your dreams and practice to overcome their fear of rejection.

Validated ways to overcome the fear of rejection by reprogramming your habits and mind-set:

So now, you are aware of the fear of rejection, its consequences and how it affects your life and your peace. Now you have to begin with how to overcome the fear of rejection and how to deal with it. Overthrowing your fear is biggest achievement of a person’s life. You can find out, how to withstand the fear of rejection and follow your visions with dignity and courage. 

  • Move your focus:

The first step towards getting over the fear of rejection is to move your emphasis because where your focus goes, the energy streams in the same direction. So it’s integral to switch your focus from what you don’t want in your life to what you certainly want in your life. Move your focus towards the positivity and positive outcomes. When you direct to the positivity, you will take the actions consequently and you will get their constructive results.

  • Conceive inner courage:

You may have heard from the successful people that how many times they have failed when they were moving towards the success. Everybody fails, that’s common and failures doesn’t matter. What matters is how promptly you pick yourself up after disappointment. Don’t get stressed or blame yourself for the failures, instead accept your failures, learn your lesson and get back into the game. 

This is life and it happens with everyone. Such circumstances appear to the good and help you invent your inner strength. Recognise the fact, that whatever happens, it doesn’t happen to you but it happens for you. Facing obstacles and getting over them can help you create an intense and undefeatable belief in yourself. When you commence to follow this attitude, it allows you to see the impediments as opportunities. 

  • Be the in-charge of your emotions:

Ask yourself, are you governing your emotions or your emotions are controlling you and all aspects of your life. The causes of fear of rejection doesn’t matter because whatever the cause is, the reality is that the fear is also an emotion, just like the other emotions. And you can triumph your emotions including the fear of rejection. 

Don’t let your emotions control your life, you are the in-charge of your emotions, don’t let them rule your life. Learn to know and understand your feelings and emotions. Ratify what your emotions are instructing you and then develop a breakthrough accordingly. This way you can learn to overcome the fear of rejection.

  • Get out of impeding beliefs:

You may not realised ever, but the truth is that your conceptions cultivate your world. Your liberal and growing beliefs encourage you to follow and attain the life you desire to live. On the other hand, your limiting beliefs constantly hold you back from getting everything you desired to have. If you are facing the fear of rejection, you need to break down and get out of your limiting beliefs around your own skills and self worth. 

For example, if you feel that rejection is a consideration of your self worth then make yourself realize that it’s not. If you assume that you are not getting a fulfilling career because you don’t deserve it, make yourself realize that you definitely deserve and you will achieve that. You need to notice these beliefs and remake them.

  • Enter into your imagination:

We all imagine, but you know what? You can use your imagination creatively to overcome the fear of rejection. Get some time and envision yourself performing confidently in the circumstances, where you usually feel worried and insecure. Imagine yourself unworried and blooming by the thought of rejection. When you do it daily, this visualization pattern can encourage you reshape your ideas and expectations.

Rejection is an aspect of human life just like the happiness, success and death. But fear of rejection can impede your life, so it’s vital to seek the ways to get over it. Practice focusing on the positive consequences of being rejected. Rejection can be a wonderful unveiling of unique likelihoods if you start directing your focus on the positive side.

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