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How to develop Self-Control


Self-control approach is the key driver for change in the behavior.

It is rightly said that “If you learn self-control you can master anything”. This statement is true and authentic because self-control is the key to build a strong character which can accomplish any deeds with the correct attitude and manner.

If you are successful in developing self-control in yourself, then no one can stop you from being successful and leading a contented life. A calm mind and positive thoughts are the pillars of simple yet elegant livelihood.

You need to cultivate certain skills, habits, and behaviors which assist you to develop self-control and they are as follows.

1. Know your weak points:-

Everyone possesses weakness so please try to overcome them and win over these shortcomings. 

Never pretend that you didn’t face any pitfalls in your life, rather be strong know them and turn them into your strongest points.

2. Eradicate Temptations:-

“Out of sight, out of mind”. Just remove all your temptations from your surroundings and you will notice that it’s easy to develop self-control.

For instance, if you desire to perform excellent in your office then it’s better to concentrate on your work diligently and not be active over the social media which only distracts you from your vision.

Self-control is much desired by everyone but most of us find it hard to develop self-control. One needs to cultivate certain skills, habits, and behaviors to
develop self-control. Kaldan shares easy and practical tips to achieve it in her blog.

3. Clear goals & Practical Execution Plan to Accomplish it:-

To develop self-control it’s important to be self-disciplined and know the right goals of your life.

If you are not aware of what you desire to achieve, then it’s difficult to prepare an execution plan which will assist you to achieve your goals.

Make a plan which should be well-illustrated step by step, so you know beforehand what the next step is. This mode of behavior will make you a focused, dedicated and self-control person who knows what, why, how and when to do things.

4. Inculcate Self –discipline:-

No one is born with self-discipline, like any other skill, you need to familiarise it with regular practice. Self-control and self-discipline go hand in hand. Life is full of uncertainties where you have to take up many kinds of decisions which are life-changing decisions. In this time if you are self-disciplined then you can easily make the best decision which will improve your life.

5. Right perception about Willpower:-

Willpower is the key to accomplish anything in your life because it offers you the confidence, motivation and courage to achieve your vision.

Never get disheartened that you have less willpower because you will lose your goal without even trying to achieve it by giving it your final shot.


Once you can develop self-control, then you can live your life with contentment, self-reliance, and confidence which assists you to achieve all your goals in life.

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