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How to overcome anxiety and rediscover yourself?


Anxiety is one of the considerable mental health issues across the world. It is a continual and fostering worry, may be about the future or something that has not occurred yet and may be never going be happen. People encountering anxiety, always think like, ‘what if’, they are overly concerned about it.

Causes of anxiety

Feelings of anxiety can be caused by various things including:

  • Personal experiences: negative or traumatic events, critical life changes, negative or excessively observant personality may heighten the likelihoods of experiencing anxiety.
  • Work life: working professionals spend most of their waking hours at work and work stress may lead to anxiety. It’s very common in people with unstable work life, toxic work spaces or heavy workloads.
  • Finances: monetary issues including not saving adequate money, unusual expenses, and inadequate salaries can lead to stress and anxiety.
  • Health problems: a worrisome health diagnosis such as chronic illness or cancer may generate strong feelings of bother and concern activating the anxiety response.
  • Relationships: can you give stress due to many reasons.

Symptoms of anxiety:

Symptoms of anxiety can be sentimental or physical and may vary person to person. Physical symptoms of anxiety include trouble breathing, heightened heart rate, numbness or tingling sensation, feeling cold or outrageous sweating, disturbed sleep patterns. Emotional symptoms include feeling rebellious or restless, foggy brain, poor memory, difficulty concentration, too much worrying, difficulty making decisions, fear, overwhelming, negative emotions, compulsive thoughts, isolation from social life and loneliness.

Anxiety attack:

Worsening symptoms of anxiety are referred as anxiety attack. Not paying attention to your feelings of anxiety, build over time and constantly accelerated by some threatening or stressful events. When the symptoms of anxiety reach to an irresistible level, it feels like an anxiety attack.

Feeling anxious is common and it is a normal response to stress but when anxiety commences to impede your life, it’s high time to pay attention and do something. 

These are the step you can take to overcome anxiety and rediscover yourself  

Educate yourself

The first and hardest step to overcome anxiety is to know about your fear that makes you anxious. You can’t withstand a fear that is kept in the filthy areas of your subconscious. You can write down your fear to maintain a record.  Understanding about your fears and educating yourself about your anxiety patterns gives you meaningful idea to acknowledge it. Know about anxiety, how it works, why it happens and how it started. Perform a simple body scan and try to notice the way you feel anxiety. Do a mental scan to notice the emotions you experience during the anxious situations.

Rewiring your brain

Try to use your brain in a unique way than you usually do. The sentiments of fear and anxiety originate from a specific facet of your brain. When you sense your fearful thoughts or symptoms coming ahead, try to rewire your brain and use it in a different manner. For example, scale the level of your anxiety like, 1 is normal and 10 is terrible symptom of anxiety. Evaluate and give a number, how anxious you are? This way you can work to lower down your anxiety level by analyzing and rating it.

Positivity and subconscious solutions

Work on turning your negative thoughts into positive ones. Imagine positive things and facing your fears. When you practice and fantasize positivity, accept and face your fears in your mind, your subconscious mind with attain this information and work on the same, making it easy to deal with your anxious feelings.

Healthy habits and lifestyle

Healthy habits and lifestyle include healthy eating, adequate sleep and daily exercise. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating unhealthy foods and drinks. Curb your tea, coffee and alcohol intake because these can heighten your anxiety levels.  Limit your sugar intake. Exercise regularly to keep your energy levels high, stay physically fit and manage anxiety symptoms.


Meditation and other stress management practices such as aromatherapy, breathing exercises, mindfulness and progressive relaxation can help you overcome the feelings of anxiety. Sit quietly in a comfortable position, breathe deeply and concentrate on your breathing. Recognize, which body part is most influenced by the anxiety and place your hand at that part. Visualize, expelling all the pressure until it wanes. It will help you feel relaxed and rediscover yourself.

Feelings of anxiety can take over your life thoroughly, if not managed before it gets horrible. Educate yourself about anxiety and associated effects. Try above presented tips to overcome anxiety and rediscover yourself. When you are prepared to confront your fear and when you quit bothering about needless things, you are on the straight path to rediscover the joy and loveliness of your life.

Daily habits 

Practice for 3 months and see if there is any change in your body.

Reduce intake of caffeine, cola and sweets. 

Maintain a healthy diet with eating vegetables and fruits

Sleep at the same time everyday

 These little changes make a great impact in your body and mind. Remember everything you are experiencing can be changed, it is up to you to decide today what you are going to change about yourself to see a long term impact.

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