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How to build trust in a Relationship



Trust is the most important factor in a relationship which is not built in a day, so you have to be patient and give your relationship the required time. Be aware of the expectations of your partner so that you can work on them and you will notice that gradually affection and the trust will grow in your relationship. It is important to learn more about yourself first. 

How to build trust in a relationship

Who you are? Can you trust yourself?

When do you lie and why?

What are your likes and dislike?

Where and when do you react? 

How much can you comprise?

How much do you know and understand about death? 

Have you lost anyone near and dear?

All these questions can be achieved by learning and practicing mindfulness in your everyday life about yourself. Answering these questions will lead you to have trust in yourself and once you have made this contact with yourself then you know where you stand when it comes to trust building.

How do dishonesty ruins trust in a relationship?

Remember the lies you tell others just does not harm them but it also harms you. Dishonesty can ruin trust in a relationship which can be comprehended by the below-mentioned story:-

Anny was in a relationship with his successful boyfriend Clive from last 6 years. Whenever they met, Clive was always busy over the phone. One fine day they met in a café where accidentally Clive left his phone on the café table, Anny answered the call and it was a woman answering the phone Anny asked the nature of the call and she understood that Clive was seeing other girls as well. When she confronted him, Clive denied. One call ruined the trust and belief of 6 years of the relationship of Anny and it left her shattered.

Here are 10 tips through which you can build trust in a relationship

How to build trust in a relationship

1. Be honest:-

“Honesty is the best policy’, if you are honest in your relationship then there is no place for distrust in it.

2. Always communicate effectively:-

Always communicate everything to your partner whether it’s a small or a big issue because your partner should know everything about your doings.

3. Be patient in handling every situation.-

Never react fast to any situation, rather being patient will provide you solutions to all of your problems.

4. Think before you react:-

Don’t react without analyzing any situation because a small reaction can spoil the trust in your relationship.

5. Never take your relationships for granted:-

Relationships grow on mutual respect and understanding, so taking for granted can never bring in trust in your relationship.

6. Be expressive:-

It’s better to say than to conceal anything in a relationship. 

7. Accept your mistakes:-

If you are the defaulter, please accept it as it will depict your vulnerable side and it will assist in enhancing trust with your partner. 

8. Never be judgmental-

Being judgmental ruins the trust in your relationship. It’s great to be sensitive, and supportive to your partner. 

9. Be kind and helpful:-

Generosity and selfless helping can enhance trust in your relationship.

10. Respect your partner:-

Respect is the most emotional feeling which is essential to cultivate trust in a relationship.


Empathy and respect are the two pillars which cultivate trust in a relationship. I hope that everyone can apply these ways of thinking in their everyday life and I am sure that you will be having a peaceful and happy life with your respective partner, friends, and family. 

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