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Overcoming Hate

Usually, hate comes from within your inner-self. A certain situation or a person causes to turn into a hateful person. It could also be out of fear, anger, ego, guilt or an unhappy past. At times, the hate is instigated externally too. Someone can fill your mind with bad thoughts about someone and provoke you into doing something wrongful. This person has so much influence on your mind that you trust them enough to act on the hate set on fire inside you.

The dictionary will tell you that hate is an intense dislike for something. So, when you say that you hate eating a pizza, wearing makeup or arriving late at a meeting, it is a casual form of expression. But, when hate turns into an emotion so deep that it leads to destructive thoughts, then it is something not good – it is a worrisome situation. You may want to cause harm to yourself or someone else. It can prevent you from the clarity of thoughts and coax you into acting impulsively. It can socially and emotionally detach you.

When Samaira broke up with his boyfriend Bruce, he couldn’t accept the end to the relationship. Suddenly, love turned into hate and Bruce started texting her loathsome messages. The intensity of his hate was so much that it started affecting his well-being. Eventually, he had to be taken to a life coach who helped him overcome it.

Fortunately, controlling the emotion of hate or rather eradicating it completely from your life is in your hands. Here are some tips for resolving the feeling of hate:

  • See only the good and positive in all people and situations. If a person has 9 good qualities and 1 bad one, focus only on the 9 and ignore the rest. If there is a problematic situation, focus only on what good can come out of it and how it can be resolved.
  • Whenever something triggers your hate, divert your attention. Watch a movie, read a book, do something creative or talk to someone. This will release your hate.
  • Walk away from the person or situation that is causing hate. Simply detach yourself.
  • Volunteer for noble causes. There are so many people in the world who need love, care and attention. Filling up the voids in their lives can help you overcome your sense of hatred.
  • Learn to forgive. You are not perfect and neither are others.If these tips still can’t help you deal with the feelings of hatred, then you need to seek professional guidance from the best life coaches in India or any country where you are located. Get in touch with me at info@kaldandoma.com for in-person or online consultation.


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