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How values and belief shape your life


All human beings have been pre-programmed with a set of beliefs, values, and rules. You did not choose this consciously. This was given to you.

Values and Beliefs are something that we hold as a guiding force in our lives.

Our values are usually based on our personal beliefs and these beliefs help us to navigate between “right” and “wrong” action. 

Our Values and Belief systems are usually formed from our parents, friends, society, own personal experiences, histories, cultures, and our religious outlook. These values and beliefs shape our behavior and guide our actions. Our values and beliefs are the hidden force beneath our actions and thoughts.

Becoming aware of our own motivations

Now that you know what they are and how they shape our decision and lives, we must start to examine them more closely. Many of the values and beliefs you carry are pre-programmed and downloaded on you without you knowing but you certainly are motivated and influenced by them.

This is why it is important to rethink them. So if you are or have been wondering why your life looks like it is, then you have the answer. All these values and beliefs have created your life.

Have you got the results you wanted in your life? Think again, if not look at these two more closely. Our everyday actions are shaped by the values and beliefs we hold. Something as routine as buying groceries can also be a reflection of our value system.¨

The more attentive we are to how our values and beliefs shape our behavior, the more we will be able to see and recognize our motivations behind our actions. Our inattentiveness to our core values can keep us from knowing and understanding our own selves better.


Rethinking our value systems

Belief and value systems are also often tied to power (ego). If we have been able to get and maintain power based on the value systems we often think that we are in the right.

It is very important here for us to take a step back and re-examine our core values. If our core beliefs and values are not based on power, but rather harmony and equality, then we must rethink why our actions, inactions, and reactions fail to represent that.

We need to re-examine and rebuild our values and beliefs based on our own experiences and understandings. 

The less attentive we are, the more likely we are to be led astray by the very things that we trust to guide us.

We often hold our value and belief systems so close to our identity, that when they are questioned or challenged we may feel attacked. It is important for us to realize that we are an ever-evolving society and that our own individual growth can only happen if we too continue to evolve.

We cannot change our values and beliefs if we do not listen to one another. What might seem like the obvious “right” path for you may not be the same for someone else? If we are truly to learn from each other we must be willing to listen and inculcate these learnings in our own personal journeys.

Uploading and deleting and Growing 

It is definitely not easy to change something so core as our value and belief systems and this is because you have been hardwired.

The first step is to become aware of our own values and beliefs.

The second step is to sort them out. Which one has so far helped you to achieve success and happiness in your life? If not start deleting them.

The third step is to upload a new program of Values and Beliefs that serve your purpose to achieve success and fulfillment in your life.
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