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How to Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs?


We are introduced to certain beliefs at a very early age. These could be inculcated in us through religion, culture, education, the government and so on. These beliefs that we have created for ourselves and reinforced by these institutions, limit us from doing or becoming who we really are. I call this pre-programing

How much you have been programmed depends on your parents and the people around them too. School system like grading, teaches us that some kids are smart and some are dumb but that is not true! Why do you think people suicide after getting their results?

Are we here to earn money and be slaves to own desires? So what do you believe is true in your own little world that you have created that has been impacted and programmed by all these beliefs? Overcoming our limiting beliefs is not easy, but it is only when we start to believe in our own abilities that we can truly achieve our fullest potential. Here are some ways to overcome your limiting beliefs.

Look for Evidence

If we believe that something is true we must look into our lives to see if there is proof of this. If we think we are bad at art, we must first give it a fair chance by really trying before reaching this conclusion about ourselves. Often we try a task and are told by others that we are not good enough, this stays with us and becomes part of our beliefs about ourselves. Do not believe what you have read or been told. Experiment and experience it!

Redefine Perfect 

We have been taught that it is only worth trying things if we will be good at them. This desire to want to do things perfectly can stop us from even trying to do anything at all. We often limit ourselves with the belief that we will not do something perfectly. When we start to focus on the process rather than the result, we will have new experiences and greater joy. 

Don’t Let Others Define You

Beliefs are introduced to us at an early age by several means such as people, religion, culture, education and from almost everyone, we interact directly or indirectly with. Once a belief is concretized in our life, it is very difficult to realize the mistake of accepting beliefs without testing them and most importantly overcome wrong beliefs. They limit our progress but unfortunately, many people live with such beliefs throughout their life.

Kaldan tells you how such beliefs come into our lives, why they are barriers to our growth and most importantly she suggests effective ways while answering how to overcome your limiting beliefs.

It is easy to let other people’s opinions about us define who we are. Sometimes this could be other family members tell us we are lazy or untidy and these labels can stick with us our whole lives. We must remember that we are constantly changing and growing. What may have been true for a short period need not define who you are for the rest of your life. 

Never give up

We think that failing at something means that we are not good at it. This is a limiting belief. Most inventors, entrepreneurs and innovators have had to fail many, many times before they achieved any success.

Build Your Self Confidence

We can only surpass our limits when we start to believe in ourselves. If we are constantly putting ourselves down, then we will not be able to overcome our limiting beliefs. Practice telling yourself encouraging statements and see what a difference it can make. 

We often hold beliefs about ourselves that limit us instead of encouraging us. We must challenge these beliefs for ourselves if we want to reach our potential. Overcoming our limiting beliefs is not impossible and you can do it.  Are you ready to take the next action that requires you to include these in your every action you do everyday perseverance, strength, and patience?

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