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Why is saving water important for the world?


We know that approximately 70{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} of earth is composed of water but still several parts of world are encountering the inadequacy of clean water. Life occurs on earth because of the availability of adequate amount of water.  It is odorless, tasteless and colorless yet it develops color, taste in the life of living beings on earth. 

Every living organism requires water to exist. The major water related issues are scarcity of clean water, water shortage and waterborne diseases. Increasing population, expanding industrialization, high living standards, developing agriculture have enhanced the need for water. 

As human entities, we need clean water for normal habits and activities. If we wish to proceed with healthy and clean bodies, we must conserve water. Preserving water means utilizing the water wisely and responsibly. If we will maintain the water allowance pure and safe only then we can safeguard  it for coming generations.

Water has unlimited uses but let’s have a look at the reasons why saving water is valuable for the world.

Hydrates our body

You can live a month without food but you can’t live few days without drinking water. Water enable your body to create saliva, maximize physical performance, prevent constipation, help digestion, flush out toxins, aid weight loss and nutrient absorption, boost energy, fight illness and enhance oxygen circulation.

Washing and cleaning

We need water for washing and cleaning purposes whether it is your body, house, clothes, car and numerous things. Water has special properties which makes it a great agent for washing and cleaning. Water also crushes and washes the trash that humans create so abundantly. We need water for our daily activities.

Grows food

Water is necessary in growing crops and irrigation system. Fruits and vegetables require water to grow.  You can’t grow food if there is drought in your area. Shortage of water or drought can demolish the ecosystem of that area because no plants can be grown there. 

Nurtures wildlife and ecosystem


Not only humans but plants and animals also need water to survive. Water is integral to flourish wildlife. Amphibians such as toad, frogs and newts require water for shelter and breeding grounds. Butterflies heave beneficial salts and minerals from muddy water and birds need water for bathing and discarding parasites.

Power production

Hydroelectric is obtained from hydropower. Hydroelectric power comes from water. Hydroelectric is a none polluting, renewable and low cost energy source. Water is also used in several machines and industrial processes. 

Evade fatal diseases

Impure or dirty water can induce numerous diseases. Most common waterborne diseases include hepatitis, dengue fever, dysentery, typhoid and cholera. These diseases are highly infectious and disperse like wildfire in the regions where there is less availability of clean water. Clean water can help curtail the danger of many deadly diseases.

Water is a necessity for maintenance of life on earth and we can save it by using it smartly. It is expensive gift from God. Saving water is a concern of high significance as it is indispensable to our sustainability. We must retain water if we want our future generations to eat good foods and remain hygienic and healthy.

Kalden hopes that you will facilitate the attention about the importance of water conservation. If every individual makes a little endeavor to use water as per your requirement and waste less, then we can save this precious gift of God.

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