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Human Beings and Nature – are We Interconnected


Nature gifts us numerous things such as air to breathe, water, food and much more. Nature is free and it is all around us, so many times, we take it for granted which is not right. Human beings are a part of nature and both are important for each other. When we are exposed to nature, it positively impact our happiness, health, mental health and well being. 

Human beings and nature are interconnected, that’s absolutely true and nature is important for the well being of human beings that’s also true. So we should not take it for granted. We need to understand and feel our connection with nature. Just knowing and feeling our connection with nature is good for us and it bring various health benefits. By simply recognizing our place in nature, it an bring joy and meaning to our life.

Nature heals 

Exposure to nature or even glimpsing mother nature in any way, curtails stress, fear, anger and enhances delightful feelings. Being in nature not just make us feel good emotionally but it also contribute to our physical health by diminishing the stress hormone production, muscle tension, heart rate and blood pressure.

Nature relieves stress

Nature illustrates scenes that gently grabs our attention and calms our nerves. Spending time with nature can significantly help relieve stress and anxiety, improve mood and boost the feelings of happiness and well being.

Nature improves mental and emotional health

Exposing to nature help with major mental health situations. Nature help regulate emotional and memory functions. Just 15 minute walk in nature can offer impressive benefits. It improves mood, self esteem, sleep quality and reduces fatigue and anxiety. Regular frontage to nature calms our minds and improves emotional well being.


Nature soothes mind

When we regularly spend time with nature, it calms our mind. Being outdoor often has a genuine effect on our mind and behaviour helping us to decrease stress, tension and brooding. It increase out attention capacity, creativity and potential to connect people. Being in nature restores weakened attention circuits that help us be more productive and problem solving.

Nature brings happiness

Nature makes us feel happier reducing the level of stress, depression, anxiety and other negative feelings. Who regularly explore nature, experience less anxiety and negative effects and more positive emotions. Spending more time outdoor regularly can improve mood disorders contributing to enhanced mood and happiness.

Nature builds relationships

Nature can also help you deal with your relationships. Being close to nature helps you with your personal relationships. When you spend time with the beauty of nature, it contributes to more prosocial behaviours such as empathy and benevolence. These behaviours help you build successful relationships.

Nature makes us feel more alive

Staying close to nature makes us feel more happening and significant.  Being outdoors gives us energy, relieves daily stresses and makes us satisfied. These improvements makes us creative, help us to be kind to others and give a meaning to our life.

Human beings and nature are certainly interconnected to each other. Nature underpins our society, economy and our very existence. Being exposed to nature improves our mental, physical and spiritual well being. When we spend time in the lap of nature, we feel alive from inside and outside. Nature relaxes our mind, body and provides peace to our soul.

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