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How many kinds of meditation are there?



Meditation is an age-old mental exercise that concentrates on training compassion, attention and awareness. It was established as an Ayurvedic practice and conventional medicine therapy. Just the way physical exercise work to your body similarly meditation work for your mind. Usually, meditation is exercised separately with closed eyes in a restful sitting position.


Different kinds of meditation have different benefits. Meditation can ameliorate anxiety, stress, depression. It can develop concentration, focus, self awareness and self esteem. Meditation motivate the feeling of relaxation and altruistic attitude. It has convinced it’s potential to combat addiction and control pain. Regular meditation habit improve health, well being, emotional healing, spiritual missions and inner peace.

Types of meditation

Focused meditation

It comprises concentration using any of your five senses. For example you can concentrate on your breath, try counting beads of a mala, listen to a song or gaze a candle flame. It is a perfect practice to strengthen focus and concentration.

Mindfulness meditation

It was derived from Buddhist teachings and is highly famous in west. In this type of meditation you need to pay attention to your reflections because they enacts through your mind. Focus on your breathing, let the impressions come, register them, let them go and return to your breathing. Mindfulness meditation blends awareness with concentration.

Spiritual meditation

Spiritual meditation may contain components of chanted, spoken or silent prayer. Religious meditation bolsters a profound connection with divine. You can practice it at your home, in nature or place of worship. It is great for people attempting spiritual growth and who comprehend self reflection.

Mantra meditation

Mantra meditation is identical to focused meditation, although rather than focusing your breath, you need to focus on mantras (a word, phrase or syllable). The modest vibrations correlated with repeated mantra brings positive change, boost self confidence and intensify compassion.

Visualization meditation

In visualization meditation you have to visualize someone or something in your mind. Here we have to reinstate the breath with a cognitive visualization as the subject to focus. By manipulating a specific visualization, you discern your mind and concentrates on a physical sensation.

Love kindness meditation

It is about enlightening certain thoughts and feelings. It is highly advised to those who experience negative thoughts, depression and anger turmoil. Sit comfortably with closed eyes. Explicit the feelings of absolute love and unconditional well being to yourself. Then direct same to someone you have, unbiased compatriot and to the universe. After regular practice you will experience happiness and will lack anger.

Body scan meditation

Body scan is also known as progressive meditation. During a body scan session, you begin at one end of your body and work through the entire. The aim is to detect tension and to enable it to release. It help with chronic pain, facilitate feeling of calmness.

Walking meditation

As the name suggest, walking meditation prompts you to focus on each step in order to be fully present. It involves becoming conscious of every movement of your feet when you walk. It enables you to develop a connotation of mind body perception by focusing on physical sensation of your body while you walk.

Whatever method you choose, practice regularly. It will shift you closer to enlightenment, mindfulness and sovereignty. Regular meditation practice aid happiness, relaxation and wellbeing.

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