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Why is it hard to change our bad habits


It’s always hard to change our bad habits, mostly when these habits are concerned to exercise, eating and jobs.  Even when we know that these habits are harmful for us, we feel unable to stop ourselves. For example 60-70{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} smokers, drug and alcohol abusers want to stop, they attempt to give up their addictions. They know these addictions are harming their bodies, impacting their families and friendships, but still they find it difficult to stop.

Our habits has a significant role in our life. So it is important to change our bad habits because they may seriously impact our health and life. Smashing our habit is tough because they completely depend on our mental and emotional state. We need to recognize biology, how we create bad habits which are destructive for us and how we can stop those habits and adapt new ones.

Coming to the reasons why is it hard to change our bad habits, have a look below:


Lack of acceptance:

Modifying a bad habit is impossible if you are not aware of it and not accepting it. For example many of us do not know that our communication skills are not nice. Awareness is important because it brings acceptance. If we are not aware then how will we accept it? Unless you understand and accept by own that a habit is not good for you, there is no chance of change.

Psychological conditions:

Psychological problems such as stress and depression can make it tough to initiate changing a bad pattern. For example if you are stressed or depressed, you may find it difficult to prepare a healthy meal, as a result you will order your meal or you will eat packed food. It will lead to a bad habit that adversely influence your health. That means your psychological issues can be a reason for your bad routines making you unable to resist these.

They make us happy:

It is difficult to break our bad habits because most of our bad habits makes us feel good and happy. Let’s take an example of overeating, that is a very popular bad habit. Ice-creams, burgers, pizzas, pack of chips and a large cold drink, these are not mandatory for our survival but still we want them, we crave for them because these things gives us happiness and comfort. These type of foods are tasty and easy to get, so we do not even observe, when we move from one burger to three.

These reasons are making it hard to change our bad habits but it is not impossible.  Changing habits require awareness, efforts, patience and time so we need to establish a long term goal to displace our bad habits with good habits. There are a lot of positive, lenient and self loving techniques to hit the bad habits and transform the good ones, so pull up your socks and make it up to you. Bad habits negatively affect our life and prohibit us from attaining our goals. It is crucial to be aware of our bad habits and the reasons making it hard to change these habits only then we can alter these habits and improve our life. In this blog kalden writes about the reasons which are making it hard to change our bad habits.

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