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Why Relationships are Important for Us


Relationships are important for us because relationships shows how to love and be loved by others. Relationships make us realize whom we need to be in our life and whom we don’t want to be in our life. Having serious genuine relationships in our life allows us to be our real selves. Each relationship elicit different reactions in ourselves helping us grow and understand better about ourselves.

Relationships and their quality is significant to our health, social behavior and well being. Now, coming to why relationships are important to us? So good relationships are linked to many positive impacts. Below are the benefits of having healthy relationships in our life.

Having good and healthy relationships in our life:

Reduce stress

If you are committed to decent relationships, for example if you have caring friends, they can give a security against stress. Strong relationships contribute to less stress reducing the risk of many health issues.

Contribute to good health

Healthy relationships are associated to healthy life. Having good relationships such as good life partner, good friends, family support, reduces the chances of catching common diseases. Loneliness and stressful relations lead to poor health.

Foster healthy habits

Close friends and partners often motivate us to eat healthy, exercise and manage the medical problems. That kind of caring relations and support help us establish healthy behaviours, making us less prone to illness and recover better.

Makes healing quicker

Patients with strong support shows better recoveries, that support can be from partner, family, friends or even from a pet. Any good relationship is vital for quicker recoveries and better healing.

Offers support

When we have tough times, it feels great to talk to your family and friends. We can share our feelings to them if we have close relation with them. People who care for us, they listen to us, give us advise and offer possible support. Sometimes we are not able to share our feelings with our family, in such situations we can talk to our friends to get emotional and practical support.


Make us feel valued

When we are connected to people who love us and whom we love, it makes us feel valued. Spending time with such people who value us and who make us feel that we are valuable for them, help us feel more encouraging about our self. 

Help us be our ideal self

When our close relations like family, partner, siblings or friends expresses that they love us for who we actually are, it can be asserting and motivating. When they observe us as a person we want to be, it help us be our excellent self.

Allow us to live longer life

Being committed in strong, loving and caring relationships help us manage stress and health conditions, makes us feel loved and valued, reduce the risk of illness and makes us feel happier. These benefits contribute to a longer life. Strong social connections help us live longer.

Relationships are important for us and we need to understand this fact. If we don’t have relationships we would have a deadened feeling to our real selves whereas being more attached to family, partners, friends and others can boost our mood and makes us feel good. Having good relationships in life contribute to a healthy, happy and good life.

Just few thoughts-

Love everyone as you never know who is not going to be there next time you want to send sms or call.

Relationship are precious and can never be replaced with anything in this world.

If you have broken relationship with family and friends then the above sentences might not resonate with you but you can reflect. Compassion is more powerful than hate.

Be kind to yourself.

Join our community where people are treated like human beings and are allowed to be who they are.

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