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How to deal with self-resistance and live a meaningful life

How to deal with self-resistance and live a meaningful life

We say it out of an experience that finishing a task at hand isn’t all that tough, only sitting down to get things done is where the problem arises. What stops you from starting afresh? Well, this is your good old friend self-resistance that keeps coming back to haunt your being. 

Think about it – Do you see yourself repeating the same things?  The thing with grown-ups is that every time that they try to start something new; new barriers pop-up left and right that stop them from taking the big leap.

I have seen some of my clients who have a habit of getting stress. They cannot stop themselves from getting stressed as they are used to doing it. Yes, it’s a loop habit that is what I call it. They finish worrying about one then they find another one. They seem to be not aware of this habit.

In today’s rapidly changing world, ‘change’ is the only constant thing in life. Rather than trying to bat away changes in self-resistance; you must open-up and learn to embrace what’s coming at you. It may sound easy but there will be so many plugs pulling you down like the fear of failure, turning out average or even being uncomfortable with the ‘new’. 

So if you’re finding it hard to come to terms with anything is beyond normal to your routine; try Mindfulness along with these steps to deal with self-resistance. Remember, it will take time for you to see the results but it will all be worth going through the process.

Here are 6 Actions you can try

· Identify your resistance

Spot the elephant in the room and go after it. 

· Fear of failure

Every great story starts with failure at first.

· Adopt a learning mindset

Broaden your horizon. Open the doors of your mind to let freshness in.

· Focus

Re-focus and do it one more time if needed because you can only start your journey if you start today with the right goal.

· Clear away distractions

Anything or anyone that put you off or steals your attention must go away.

· Find your motivation

It could be a person, a book, a song or a TV show – Find it and don’t let go.

According to a Scottish proverb, what may be done at any time will be done at no time. 

So, get over with the procrastination already and make way for a new start because the start is always the most difficult part. 

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