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How to Build Empathy

How to Build Empathy

Empathy is the art to comprehend as well as share other individuals’ thoughts, emotions, and feelings. So it’s very vital to know the art how to build empathy. You must maintain a congenial relationship both in your personal and professional life. Individuals who don’t develop the skill of empathy are considered to be cold-hearted, self-absorbed and they also have to lead an isolated life. So if you can learn how to build empathy then you are considered to be a kind, caring and companionable entity.

Through thorough research, it’s proven that even if you are not an emphatic person then also you can learn how to build empathy in yourself and become gracious to all.

In this blog, we will discuss certain ways through which you can know how to build empathy:-

If your thoughts, emotions, and feelings are supreme for you then it is alright but you can only be a complete human being if you can comprehend and share the thoughts, emotions, and feelings of other human beings as well. This is called EMPATHY and this is an essential virtue to have.

However, the question is in this age where people are becoming selfish, how to develop EMPATHY for the others. Don't worry. Kaladn is giving you certain ways to do so. Read it now and learn the art of developing empathy.

1. Pursue curiosity about others:-

Once you start being curious to know about other individuals, you will start getting connected with them which will gradually build empathy in you because once you get emotionally attached with any person then only you can understand what he or she is going through in their lives.

2. Place yourself in other’s shoes:-

If you are keen to know how to build empathy then this way will surely assist you. Once you start putting yourself in others’ position then you can realize the real feeling which the other person is having. This sense of feeling will assist you to build empathy in yourself.

3. Know & Practice Empathy Acronym:-

Helen Reiss has developed the acronym and has indicated that we can build empathy in us by following it:-

E– Eye contact which indicates that I can see you

M– Muscles of the facial expression and read the facial emotions

P– Posture which conveys the connection between individuals

A– Affection, the right way to express the emotions and feelings

T– Tone of the voice

H– Hearing to other entity with unconditional acceptance

Y– Your response to others’ feelings, emotions and also the way you response to other feelings.

4. Possess a challenging nature:-

You should always take up challenging tasks in your life which will help you move out of your comfort zone. For example, you can start learning to play any musical instrument or any foreign language. It’s excellent to inculcate a professional competency. When you learn new things you become humble and humility helps you to build empathy.

5. Ask for feedback:

Make a habit of asking for feedback about your behavior and habits from your friends, family and even from your colleagues. This habit will help you a lot to build empathy.

It’s a fact that even if you are not born emphatic then also you can build empathy by following the above-mentioned ways in this blog.

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