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How to Heal Yourself with Natural Ways


What is Healing?

Healing yourself: the first step to an improved life

Just like a broken machine cannot fix itself, we cannot heal ourselves without doing something. Here, we are not talking about only physical healing, but repairing ourselves on a spiritual, mental and emotional level.

Life has a way of making us break down, no matter how strong we are or how hard we try. Sometimes, we have been facing hardships or trauma for so many years, that we do not even know that we need healing.

If you are focusing on the negative, overthinking, overwhelmed or find it hard to let go, it may just be time to heal yourself.

Healing, in the literal sense of the term, is the process of regaining health and restoring vigour, so that we can go back to living our best lives.

There are many different methods of healing. While Western medicine focuses more on physical or physiological health, alternative healing therapies such as Reiki, Ayurveda, crystal healing and distance healing are more holistic and use traditional knowledge and energy to revitalize our minds and bodies.

How to heal yourself with natural ways

What are different kinds of alternative healing methods?

Reiki healing is a popular form of alternative healing where the healer sends good energy to the affected person. This can be done in the presence of the receiver, or even when the receiver is far away – this is called distance healing.

Sometimes, healers (including Reiki healers) use crystals to augment their energies. This technique is called crystal healing. Crystal healing involves the placement of different crystals and gemstones in different areas or on different parts of the body for the purpose of healing. Crystals have properties that help facilitate the flow of positive energy into our body and negative energy out of it.

But remember – crystals are not magic. They are not going to change your life in an instant. Rather, they will help you balance your energies over a period of time. Not only are crystals beautiful to look at, but they also help in channeling great vibes, attracting abundance, happiness, and better sleep.  

How to heal yourself with natural ways

Healing with crystals? Which stones to choose

All crystals heal. Choosing the right one for your healing and protection depends on your intuition and how connected you feel with that particular stone.

· Rose Quartz: Known as the ‘love crystal’, attracts the kind of love you desire and deserve, and protects relationships

· Iron Pyrite: Improves memory and concentration, wards off any negative influence and helps deal with adverse circumstances, physical or emotional

· Tiger Eye: Considered the perfect crystal for maintaining and increasing your wealth and attracting abundance.