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7 Steps to Build Your Inner Strength


During this difficult time, we are all inevitably turning inward to find the strength and courage to deal with the stress and chaos of the time. Now that the racing clock has paused, we can use these moments to build better relationships with ourselves. These steps will help you build your inner strengths and create a stronger connection with yourself. 

How to Build your Inner Strength

Spend time with your inner self: We all talk with our inner self but we rarely understand what it does to us. Take a few moments every day to spend time alone with your thoughts and feelings. We can start by taking a few moments for ourselves over a cup of chai, tea, coffee, or juice while tending to the garden or cooking a meal.

Identify your strengths: When we practice taking time for ourselves we see ourselves more clearly. Identifying our inner strengths is essential to building them. Most of us have at some point experienced loss, grief, pain, and fear in different degrees. We must acknowledge the inner strength that we have already shown in the past and remember that we have overcome much more than we thought we could. 

Allow the blockages in your inner strength to clear: The fact is that whatever we believe becomes how we perceive our inner and outer world. As we have been pre-programmed in certain ways we all react differently and this comes from our parents, society, and our cultural, and religious beliefs. We must try to clear out these blockages before we can fully tap into our inner strength.


Deciding to change our internal dialogue: The way we have been talking to ourselves needs to be changed and new skills need to be uploaded. Maybe you believed you would travel this summer but that too has changed. So you tell yourself that you are unable to think straight and are feeling low. You need to change the strategies of what you tell yourself because that can change your belief of who you are and how strong you are. Remember where your focus is, there is where your belief is.

Exercise your inner strength: The more we exercise our inner strengths the stronger we will feel. This means that during times of difficulty and hardship we must try and fall back on the strengths that we have identified within us

Using your inner strength: Once we have spent the time with ourselves, we will feel ready and able to give support to others. If we ourselves feel disheartened and weak, we may feel even more helpless when we have to support others. However if we have been kind to ourselves, built up our inner strengths, and know what we have to offer, the less helpless we will feel.

Take time to recharge and rest: When we are facing such hard times, we may feel that we have no option to rest but taking a little time out to do the things that you enjoy will help build your inner strength and prevent you from feeling burnt out in the long run. 

We must remember to recognize and build the unique strengths that we have gained through our life experiences. 

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