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Inner Strength For Women

Inner Strength For Women

‘Women hold up half the sky’, says an old Chinese proverb. Even though many use this statement to signify women’s empowerment and equal rights, it doesn’t do justice to what we women can really achieve. Because we women can do so much more than just hold up half the sky!

Even though most communities across the world (with the exception of a few progressive ones) are patrilineal, it is women who are often agents of true change. Women can be catalysts in creating harmony. So, if we want to empower an entire household, we have to first empower its women.

So, what makes this possible? How do we women face insurmountable odds in a world where oppression is as common as the flu? How do we have the strength to hold up half the sky, and even more?

It isn’t physical strength, that’s for sure. It’s our inner strength. Across continents, across generations – civilisation has always recognized certain qualities – such as compassion, empathy and kindness – as feminine qualities. There is a natural empathy that comes with being a woman. This is not to say that men cannot have this quality. It’s just stronger and more natural for women. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that it is women who have the gift of bringing new life on earth, or perhaps it’s just the way we’re wired. Either way, the inner strength of a woman is indisputable.

Where does this inner strength come from?

The secret is simple. You already have that inner strength – you just need to find it, harness it and believe in it. But if you’re struggling to get to that point, here’s what you can do.

  1. Be yourself. Trust yourself. We women have a habit of doubting ourselves and expecting ourselves to fail. Don’t second-guess yourself.
  2. Embrace your femininity. A lot of women feel like they’ve got to act more like men to get ahead in this world. Whether you like keeping your hair short or prefer dresses over pants, don’t reject your femininity.
  3. Stand tall. There is enough evidence that women tend to be more under-confident when compared to men. According to a recent study, men are more likely to apply for jobs they are under-qualified for than women.
  4. No apologies. Of course, if it’s your fault, you should definitely apologise. But we often say sorry when we don’t need to – we constantly feel like we owe the world an apology.  
  5. Last of all, meditate. If the above tips don’t work, then just find yourself a quiet corner and meditate for a few minutes. Those moments of calm collectedness will help you find that inner core that is strong, silent and solid.

Beat the Odds

Even today, Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai is a shining example of a woman who fought against all odds and managed to transform her world because of her inner strength. Not only did she take on the corrupt Kenyan government, but she empowered women everywhere to protect the environment and started the powerful grassroots ‘Green Belt Movement’. In fact, many people asked her whether the idea for the movement came from being a woman. Her answer? Since women bear life and respect nature, it came naturally to them.

Like Wangari, each one of us – young girls and mature women alike – can find their own inner strength, lead by example and motivate other women to find theirs.

Lead like a girl

When we were young, all of us probably heard someone say ‘don’t throw like a girl’ or ‘he fought like a girl’. Women and girls, we need to change this. It’s time to change how the world views our strength, and how we view our own strength too – our inner strength.

So, find a version of success or leadership that resonates with you. Leverage your strengths and walk tall, with your head held high. Don’t hold yourself back and be your own worst enemy. You have so much to give the world, you owe yourself this much. Remember, you hold up half the sky, and more.

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