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3 Steps to become Self-Confidence


Self-confidence is linked to well being, mental health and positive attitude towards yourself. Self-confidence is a genuine process that involves how you think about yourself. It is the courage to understand yourself, believe in yourself and act on your own beliefs.  

Do you see and feel that everyone around you is confident and very sure of themselves? Then that is not true as everyone has doubts. How some people have this and some don’t what is the secret about how to be self-confident? Confidence is not what you have; it is you that can create it within you by believing in yourself. You can access any time as you can find ways of being confident anywhere and anytime.

Yes, you are going to have good days and bad days that are a part of life. Creating confidence is not about knowing everything but it is about trusting in the process that you are going through and learning from the outcome of the process.

Self-confidence is a positive belief or feeling about yourself and the world. It is a sense of self-respect and self-value that lead to courageous actions. Some examples to illustrate self-confidence include valuing yourself, standing up for yourself with courage, knowing your worth despite imperfections and accepting all your strengths and weaknesses positively.

There is no quick fix to get your self-confidence. Self-confidence is built on your choices and accomplishments which motivate your passion and make you feel happy and proud of yourself. You can get your self-confidence with the right efforts in a short period and continue to grow it with positive habits

Self-confidence is important to become successful in your personal, social and professional life. Here are the 3 steps to build self-confidence

Body language 

Have you met or know someone who is a self-confident person. People who are confident when they speak, the way they stand, shake their hand and make eye contact? Then just act like them. This will put you on the way to success. Body language includes the non-verbal signals which project your self-confidence. 

  • Standing: always stand straight and do not slouch. Keep your head and body straight, it creates a good impression on people in front of you. 
  • Shoulders: Keep your back straight and your shoulders away from ears. The straight and right position of your shoulders indicates that you are a confident person and paying attention to the conversation or discussion. 
  • Eye Contact: eyes are referred to as the windows of the soul. When you are in a conversation you should make eye contact with the person in front of you, it shows your confidence and you are paying attention to the conversation.  
  • Handshake: a limp or weak handshake shows a lack of confidence. Give a firm handshake when you meet others. 
  • Dressing: always dress up smart. Your clothes should be clean and well fitted. The way you dress up has a big impression on others. When you dress up well you automatically feel confident about yourself.

Energy of Positivity

Focus on positive ways and by changing your focus on thinking, being positive you will change the energy. What you will focus on becomes your reality. Use more positive words in your everyday life. Look at things more positively within you and outside of you. In this way you are changing your state of mind and by doing that you will change your self-image and life.

  • Meditate: mediate and take away all the negativity and noise that is happening around you and focus on your vision and dream. What we choose to focus on is what we will get in life. So it is important to take away all the stress. By practicing resilience every day at least for 5 minutes and once you start this you will hear your monkey mind talking to you that you are not good enough or you will fail or are a failure, what is this nonsense, why am I sitting here, what is the meaning of all this sitting and you may feel depressed.

This is the reason that makes you feel you are not in control of your own life. That you are not a creator of your own life but you feel you are somehow managing and operating, surviving in your life. Focus on which way you want to go. Make a decision today. Focus on where you want to and don’t be afraid. 

  • Mindset: outside achievement does not give you confidence it only limits you. If you fail, get up and do it again and again. Have actionable steps that lead you to your goal. Trust yourself and have a positive attitude toward yourself and others.

Set Goals


Find a goal that you want to achieve and remember that the Taj Mahal was not built in one day. It will take time and energy to reach the goal so make steps that are realistic for you to achieve. Setting goals is very important but at the same time, it is important to know why you are pursuing those goals is very important.

Each intention that you create has a process and with the help of this process, you grow as a human being. Have a time frame for your goal, like one year and what you are going to achieve in that one year. Believe in yourself and stand up for your goals. Don’t compare yourself or your specific goals to others. You are you and that makes you different from others.

Self-confidence is linked to a happy life so it is very important to get your self-confidence. As the confidence grows within you will be more driven to stretch your strengths and abilities. Self-confidence allows you to cope with your weaknesses and failures strongly. Commit to focusing on your vision by attending Rediscover your Force. This 3 ½-day event with Kalden Doma will give you the strategies and confidence you need to create massive change in your life.