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How to Overcome Your Bad Habits


We all have bad habits. Many of the habits that we develop in life are learned behaviors and can be unlearned. But we can all train and motivate ourselves to change them.

If we do anything regularly for at least three weeks, it can easily become a habit. And the result of quitting bad habits is a motivation in itself – as it can drastically improve our life. It shows that we value ourselves enough to treat ourselves well. 

Get rid of the habits that are bad for you, and turn our life around. You can follow the guide below, and bring positive changes into your life.

Ways to overcome bad habits

Practice mindfulness

The first step to overcoming your bad habit is accepting that you have one. For this you need to be mindful in your day to day life. Be mindful of your thoughts, and of your actions. Think about stress eating, for example. Or, smoking a cigarette every time you feel tense. When did these habits start? And what do you gain from it?

Sometimes it is important to ask yourself the question “why”, so that you can finally realize that you don’t really need the ‘bad habit’, and you can move on.

Replace the bad habit 

Certain bad habits that we form might serve a function that helps us cope. So, instead of removing a bad habit completely, it might be easier for us to instead substitute it with a  healthy alternative.

For example, of you want to stop consuming caffeine, or cigarettes, you need to find alternatives. Consume green tea, a stick of clove, or chew gum instead! 

Ask a friend to help, or team up!

Habits once formed are difficult to change. This is why we should try not to create bad habits in life but the truth is that we all have bad habits in life. However, the good thing is that they can be unlearned. Kaldan is telling you ways to remove bad habits in her blog here.

Some people respond better to external rules and supervision. It can be beneficial to tell a good friend which habits you are working on, and ask them to check up on you from time to time.

If others around you are also trying to quit their bad habits, you can work together and motive and support each other.

Do the relevant research

Sometimes information and rational thinking can help us get rid of bad habits. If you regularly consume fast food and want to live a healthy diet, read up on all the negative effects of fast food. 

This can really help you find a reason to quit your bad habits.

Give yourself time and encouragement.

Giving up on a bad habit is hard work. You might even relapse once or twice, but you have to remember to be patient with yourself. Celebrate, or reward yourself when you make small achievements.

Society often defines what a good or bad habit is. These can differ according to cultural norms, and can even vary from person to person. For example, while some consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, while others insist that skipping breakfast is healthier.

 It is important for you to understand what your own needs are, so that you can welcome the habits that are good for you, and bid goodbye to the bad ones.

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