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Youth and Travel

Why Young People Should Give Importance to Travelling

Like most people around the world, I had also taken a Christmas/New Year vacation with my family. One interesting observation I made this time around was the number of youth tourists. I met a 19-year-old girl called Daisy who had already traveled at least 15 countries across Europe and Asia at her age. Sometimes she traveled solo, sometimes with her gang of friends and other times with her family.

While she was still studying in college, she came across as a worldly girl. She knew about different places, cultures and people more than books could teach her. I realized that travel indeed could be a great teacher for young people.

I think we should have student discount all over the world for student and young people on aeroplane, bus and train. Students do not have much money, so the price needs to very reasonable. This will help them broaden their perspective about life and make them independent. A healthy youth or young generation will help form a better society, communicate and world.

Why You Should Travel

    • It’s Fun:  The world is so beautiful! There is so much to see and do. Wouldn’t you want to explore pristine beaches, ancient monuments and picturesque sights? Just imagine what adventure it would be to go surfing, rock climbing, swimming or sightseeing at different places.
    • Expand Your Horizon: Travel shows you a world other than you are living in. You get different experiences, both good and bad. But, they give you new perspectives to culture, religion, race, place, person or situation.
    • Gain Confidence: Travel helps you to get out of your comfort zone. You learn to face the unfamiliar, trust your instinct and steer across foreign environments. You become independent, especially if you are travelling solo.
    • Develop New Skills: If you are an active traveller, you may become keen to learn some skills. For instance, you may want to learn a new foreign language to help you communicate in that country. Or, if you are going on a wildlife camping trip, you can pick up first aid and survival skills.
  • Make New Friends: You can make so many friends during travel or at the places you are visiting. How cool it would be to have a friend in every country!

Tips to Travel Safely

Here are a few tips to bear in mind to travel safely.

    • Research about the place you are travelling too. Find out if that place is safe from criminal activities and socio-economic-political turbulence.
    • You become better in making your budget.
    • Pack light. Do not over stuff your travel bags. You never know how much you would need to walk or what kind of transportation will be available.
    • Carry the emergency contact numbers (along with country and city code) and address of your family. Feed the numbers on your phone. Also, put them on your handbag and luggage tags.
    • If you are travelling alone or with friends, leave a detailed itinerary with your family. The itinerary should include places of visit, flight/train schedules, contact numbers of hotels you are staying at and also the phone numbers of fellow traveller friends.
    • Keep at least one or two physical copies of important documents such as tickets, passport, etc. in your bags. Just in case you lose the original one, you have the duplicates to rely on.
    • Carry a few basic medicines for cold, flu, allergies and others as per your medical condition.
  • Respect the culture and people of places you are travelling to.

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