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Everyone wants money, and everyone wants to grow rich, but not everyone does! New businesses open every now and then, stories and secrets of how people ‘made it big’ are also featured by the everywhere, but not all of them are true. Many of the businesses and enterprises fail, a few of them actually make profit. Even then, it generally takes many years for a startup to turn into a profitable venture.

People are eager to make easy and quick money. However, there is no magic wand, but there are a few things, which, if kept in mind can steadily increase and improve your financial growth or raise your profit margin.

1. Growth

Growth is a process and not an event. Just like a sapling takes years to grow into a tree, a lot of patience is needed to grow and progress in life. What is important is what we can do every day, which in turn will give us great returns in future. Only well-calculated risks must be taken and one should never expect overnight success. Those who have achieved a lot in life have been through hardships, struggles, challenges and problems. They achieved success, because they were committed to themselves and had change there thinking process. They also added value by including these practice in their everyday life like patience, reflection and determination.

Millions cannot be earned in a moment!

2. What is holding you back?

Certain individuals become so risk-averse that they are not ready to take risks at all whereas others are just the other way around; a balanced approach is what works!

Lack of leadership qualities or education, belief system and procrastination, are the factors which generally hold a person back from making progress.

There are coaches, motivational speeches and workshops which are being organized these days to facilitate growth after identifying on the key problem areas and working on them.

3. Make your action plan

Create a timeline and develop a series of steps and laps you and your team will take to increase profit margin. Action plan has a series of dos and don’ts which enable a person to fix his attention to certain focus areas after prioritizing them.

Invest in oneself, learn as much as possible, choose actions that are concrete, measurable and set goals which are realistic and make targets that are attainable.

A typical action plan includes an outline of goals, objectives, measurements, action steps and responsibilities which are to be taken for each step. Inclusion of dates and budget in some cases solidify the action plan.

4.Track your record

Monitor your results as your plan progresses. Just like one who goes to the gym, tracks his everyday progress through smart devices, which makes him more confident that he is going on the right path and motivates him even more to take steps for better fitness.

Growth in financial matters also needs to be tracked. One way of doing it is by finding faults in oneself and seeking expert advice in matters pertaining to investments.

5.Take right decisions at right time

When decisions are taken on the right time, keeping the bigger picture in mind, they are more fruitful. Money management and investment largely depend on making right choices at the right time. Wrong choices and delays worsen situation. Whereas, proper asset management and allocation of funds, result in robust financial growth.  

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