Finding Happiness – What Makes You Happy? Blog By Kaldan Doma
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Finding Happiness – What Makes You Happy?

Finding Happiness – What Makes You Happy?

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a positive emotion. It makes you feel good about your life. It gives you joy, satisfaction and peace of mind. However, the definition of happiness is different for everyone. Some people find happiness in love. Some people find happiness in money and materialistic pleasures. Some people find happiness in their work.

Why Do You Need to be Happy?

Happiness uplifts your body, mind and soul. It gives you the confidence to accomplish your goals and never quit. It is what keeps you going strong in life, no matter what challenges you face. Happiness makes you feel calm and accept the things in your stride. It brings a sense of fulfilment. When you are happy, you feel the urge to spread happiness around you.

Where Can You Find Happiness?

If you were to ask children what happiness is, their answers would warm your heart. Believe me, I am telling this by experience. They find happiness in hugging and kissing, spending time with family and friends, playing in the garden, etc. As simple as that! When it comes to adults, happiness becomes a chase. This is because you look outside your inner being in search of happiness.

What you need to realize is that happiness comes from within. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You are responsible for choices that can make you happy or unhappy. A little bit of spending time alone can help you discover what makes you happy. The moment you discover it, you will find a purpose to your life. This is a beginning towards the journey of happiness.

Let me tell you a story of 27-year-old woman Fiza, one of my professional acquaintances. She worked as a corporate lawyer and lived an enviable life. She owned a plush bungalow, drove a luxury sedan, vacationed at exotic destinations and could buy anything that she wanted. While everyone thought she was the happiest person, she was actually not. One day, to everybody’s surprise, she quit her high-flying career and opened a dance academy. Later, she revealed to me that she had always dreamt of being a dancer. Today, she is very happy pursuing her passion and giving dance lessons. In fact, she also volunteers for free dance classes for a children’s NGO.

As you figure out from Fiza’s story, you can find happiness by doing something for you as well as others. Do things you love. If you find happiness in cooking, painting or rock climbing, do it. If you find happiness in helping others, do it.

Tips for Being Happy

  • Introspect about things that make you happy. Once you get the answers you are seeking, don’t wait for time to put them in action. Don’t delay your happiness.
  • Surround yourself with people who make you feel happy and give out positive vibes.
  • Be gracious to God for things that you have in life. Some people may find happiness in what you have, but they don’t.
  • Learn to embrace changes. You can’t stop changes from happening. So, the best way is to see the good in change and move on.

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