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Why Yoga is good for Everyone

Yoga: a healthy life in the modern world

36 million people practice yoga in just the US alone, according to a 2016 study – an increase of almost 50{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} in just 4 years. Over this past decade, the number of people learning yoga as well as the number of schools offering yoga training has gone up exponentially, especially in India.

Quite clearly, yoga is one of the most popular modern obsessions today, even though it is one of the most ancient traditions we have. Even today, the ancient traditions of yoga are finding relevance – maybe even more than in the past.

Dating back almost 2500 years, yoga is rooted in a strong meditative and spiritual philosophy. India and Tibet, with their rich history of spirituality, have long understood the secret to a healthy and full life. Our ancient yogic traditions take into account the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Everyone can benefit greatly from Yoga

As a holistic experience (and not just an exercise), yoga can help anyone – no matter whether they are young or old, fit or unfit. Yoga can provide us the right balance of rest, relaxation and spiritual guidance. Practicing it regularly has many benefits – boosting health and energy, combating stress, restoring physical and mental balance and creating a sense of overall well-being.

Where can one start with Yoga?

A good place to start, if you are new to yoga, is with the practice of Hatha Yoga – it mainly consists of the practice of asanas (bodily postures) such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Iyengar Power Yoga, medi, Tsa lung, Yantra yoga and so on.

The exercise routine includes chanting, breathing or pranayama, meditation and savasana as well. These practices are meant to purify the system and move energy through our bodies.

The ancient traditions of yoga teach us to restore vitality and rediscover harmony between our physical and mental selves. In fact, yoga is considered one of the best ways to prepare physically and mentally before embarking on intensive meditation.

Yoga is a lot more than just physical exercise

Yoga cannot be understood simply as exercise. Our bodies naturally tend to assume certain postures based on our mental and emotional state. Yoga principles are based on the science behind the mind-body connection which often goes unnoticed by us.

Understanding this connection and consciously practicing certain postures can help us elevate our spiritual awareness and consciousness.

Most yoga practice also emphasises a proper diet, methods to internally purify the body, proper breathing and its regulation during practice. Performing sequences such as the Surya namaskar, which is the combination of several asanas performed as a fluid movement sequence, can be very helpful. Breath control helps improve oxygenation within the body and alleviate stress.

Be open to change, and the transformation will follow

A famous quote from the Bhagavad Gita says that yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. That couldn’t be more true. Yoga is a deeply personal experience – the way you respond to the philosophies and the practice could be quite different. If you are considering making yoga a part of your life, don’t go in with a fixed mindset but stay open to different possibilities – most importantly, stay vulnerable. You never know what shape your transformational experience will take, and you need to be open to it for it to happen.

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