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How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


Worrying is a natural part of human life. Everyone worries. Even though
Bobby McFerrin reminds us not to worry in the toughest of circumstances, 
yet we worry because life is not a Bobby McFerrin song. ‘Don’t Worry, Be 
Happy’ is easier sung than practiced!

If we care deeply about something or someone, we tend to worry a lot about them. But if worrying takes up a lot of your mind space, and you find yourself grappling with unrelenting anxious thoughts and the worst possible scenarios, you really need to work on your mind frame. Chronic worrying can be dealt with, and you can shatter this mental habit by training your mind to take a neutral and balanced perspective while
looking at things.

Why do we worry so much?

Is worrying always bad? No, worrying is natural! Sometimes, it can even help you plan for unforeseen circumstances in advance. Let me give you an example. My close friend is an impeccable planner. While going on trips, she takes care of every little detail. When we were planning a trip to France, she kept extra clothes in our carry-on bags lest the flight misplace our luggage. And they did, but because of her worrying, we managed for a few days until our bags were returned. Otherwise, shopping in France would have rendered us broke!

Worrying becomes unhealthy when you are constantly obsessed with negative thoughts. In the case of my friend, her worries ended the moment she packed extra clothes. She didn’t think about other negative possibilities beyond that. It is when these kinds of thoughts spiral out of control, that we can undergo unnecessary stress and seriously harm our physical and emotional health.

The reasons why we worry differ from person to person. Students worry about their exams, youth worry about getting a job. Parents worry about their children, Managers worry about their company’s revenue generation,
Employees worry about making mistakes. Not only are all these legitimate areas of concerns, but there are countless other worries that stake a claim on our minds.

How can one put an end to these thoughts?

Like we said before, a little worrying is perfectly okay. But if you have been thinking that perhaps you worry too much, trust your gut and take steps to make it easier for yourself. The important thing is to build self-awareness and recognize the signs.

Understanding your patterns is a great way to begin the healing process. Is there a specific trigger that sets you off into a spiral of worrying? Do you worry when you are alone or even when you are with people? Does keeping your mind occupied with worries help you avoid something help? Finding an answer to these questions can go a long way in helping you deal with excess worry. You can control your thoughts further by meditating, eating healthy, practicing mindfulness, and exercising. Now all these sound really simple, but they are quite difficult to incorporate in one’s daily routine. Start by taking small steps.

First, meditate for 5 minutes or exercise for 20 minutes daily, then slowly increase the time. Gradually, those unwanted thoughts will stay away. Healthy eating is crucial. When we worry too much, bingeing on unhealthy foods is common. Eat healthy to put a firm end to this vicious circle.

Next time you find yourself struggling with worrisome thoughts, ask yourself if your concern is genuine or you are just overthinking. Often our worries have to do with what other people think. Realize that this is your life and yours alone, others don’t even think about us that much. So, start today. Stop worrying and start living!

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