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What is the Importance of Climate change

Moving from climate inaction to climate action

Climate change – whose problem is it anyway?

Schoolchildren across the world went on a ‘climate strike’, it was a collective protest against their parents’ generation who has failed to protect them and future generations?

The leaders of the world have ignored the climate issue and prioritized the economic, social or even cultural issues. But now it is time for us to listen to our children. All countries, governments, parents and all other people – to change. It is time to move from a mindset of climate inaction to one of climate action.

Just because the environment belongs to everyone, does that also mean that it belongs to no one?

Aren’t countries across the world collectively responsible for the state of our planet’s environment? That’s the question those children seem to be asking us.

The people are more disconnected from the environment nowadays as we are more into our electronic devices for example in a country like India which has a rich history of environmental conservation.

It was here, in the 1970s, where a brave woman named Gaura Devi stood in front of the trees to protect the forest as this was the livelihood of her community and family. this movement was called the ‘Chipko Movement’.

The capital of India New Delhi isn’t just the most polluted capital city in the world; every third baby here is born with smaller lungs. In fact, 30{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} of premature deaths in the country can be attributed to air pollution. 1 out of 3 people today lives in urban areas, where they have a much lower quality of life. They should build more metro in the cities so it is easy to move around.
But enough about the problem. How can we make a difference?

What needs to change?

Educate yourself first and then educate the people and politicians around you.Here are a few questions you should be prepared before you meet them

Your local governance-Meet the local politicians in your areas and ask them what plan they have for your city or community? Make a suggestion to your politicians. Ask for a free week from cars, motorcycle, and trucks in your city.Ask high tax on people who own more than one car?They should give an explanation if they continue to have more than one car. The companies must give a bus for their employees as students get picked for their work. this will lessen the traffic jam and pollution.Make flyers or use social media to spread awareness to change the attitude of the people

Your own habits: Do you know that every minute you’re under the shower, you waste 15-20 liters of water? Let’s not just depend upon the government to provide running water, but remember the rivers and the springs on which our water supply depends.

Your age-old connection with nature: No matter which religion you come from, our forefathers all valued and respected nature. We need to find that connection again and re-learn that we cannot – and should not – fight nature.

Small actions for a big change

The good thing is, community awareness is growing – especially among youth. More action is needed in the local communities Start or get involved in our local community, volunteer at our nearest school.

Recognize our personal responsibilities to protect the environment.
I believe that we all are interconnected and therefore a balance is very important. we need to pay more attention to our everyday life action from throwing your daily dustbin to smoke buds you throw on the roads thinking this is not my home so I can throw it anywhere. Next time think before you throw. A healthy planet is a healthy you.