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What is the difference between Materialism and Spiritualism

What is the difference between Materialism and Spiritualism

Material things, or materialism makes up our world and reality. To live in this world and be a part of it, we need material objects. But if we start to look for our sense of self or contentment in only these things, we may be left disappointed. This is where spiritualism comes in.

Our realities are not only limited to tangible objects, as we are also able to feel and experience something beyond them. We have experiences, thoughts and feelings that are intangible. Spiritualism contains experiences that are not bound to physical matter. 

As human beings, it is important for us to find a balance between materialism and spiritualism to live a happy life.  Here are some ways to help you distinguish between spiritualism and materialism.

The Source of Happiness
We all look for happiness and contentment in life. The source of our happiness should be both external as well as internal. If we only count on material objects to make us happy, our happiness may be short lived. However if we learn to find happiness from a space within ourselves as well as enjoy the things around us, we can create an environment of sustained joy.

Long lasting rewards versus immediate rewards
Sometimes we can get caught up in seeking short term goals and rewards. In the world today, it is easy to distract ourselves with the many things that we are constantly exposed to without thinking much about the long term.  But if we spend our time and energy in developing long lasting bonds with ourselves and those around us we are more likely to find longer lasting contentment and joy.

Assigning responsibility
Are we taking responsibility for our own happiness or are we giving it away to the things around us? Material things can only do so much. They should not be the only things that are responsible for you happiness. By taking responsibility for your own joy, not only are more likely to be able to sustain it but you will also learn how to regain it when it is lost.

Detachment vs Attachment
Materialism focuses on attachment to physical objects while spiritualism helps us lead a more liberated life. When we are less tied down to the material objects around us we can be free of the worry and care that comes with attachment.

Accumulation vs Actualization
Materialism makes us want to hold on to things and accumulate them under the false belief that it will give us more joy. If we want to realise and reach our full potential as good human beings we must focus our energies on bettering ourselves rather than on accumulating more things.

It is impossible to live in this world with only our material objects. They are important and necessary but we have to be aware not to place too much importance on material things. By realizing that it is only an element of our existence and not the purpose of it we can be happier, more liberated individuals. 

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