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How to become an effective communicator

How to become an effective communicator

Some people have an innate ability to command. They know how to make others understand their point of view without dominating the conversation. They are very good at listening and talking and are considered as effective communicators.

Effective communicator can handle any kind of conversation (personal or professional) very smoothly.  An effective communicator knows how to articulate his/her thoughts and ideas to others. 

The answer for “how to become an effective communicator” can be little challenging. Effective communicators connect with their audience at the right time, choose their words wisely and understand their audience. 

Here are 12 ways to become an effective communicator:

Active listening:

The basis of good communication is active listening. When you listen to others attentively, you will response more effectively. 

Speak at the right time:

No matter how many people are involved in a conversation, always pick the right time to speak and ensure that everyone listen you without interrupting. 

Relax yourself:

Relaxing yourself and behaving calmly is most important. You should be self aware while having an important or stressful conversation. 

Smile when you are communicating:

When you take part in a conversation with a smiling face people will be positive about you. They will hear you, try to understand your thoughts and put their point in front of you more openly. 

Be clear about your thoughts:

Do not get confused and don’t take too much time for setting up your thoughts and ideas. Communicate with clear thoughts to avoid misunderstandings.

Speak confidently: 

Even if you are nervous or not feeling confident, make sure you sound confident to others. Slow down your speech to avoid filler words and speak confidently.

Talk relevant:

Do not involve anything irrelevant to a conversation. Be specific about what the conversation is about. Irrelevant things can irritate your conversation partner.

Don’t shout or talk rudely:

Shouting or talking rudely during a conversation even if it is a stressful conversation leaves a bad impression. You should be polite to ease your conversation partner. 

Try to find common points (even in argument):

Finding a common opinion in a normal or argument conversation is a great strategy because it shows that you understand your conversation partner’s thoughts.

Frame your words in the best possible way:

An effective communicator knows how to frame his/her words to make the conversation engaging and interesting to others whether you are giving a lecture, talking to your friends or having a personal conversation.

Customize your communication style:

You should have skills to customize your communication style depending on whom you are talking with. Only then you can make them understand your words.

Try to involve everyone in the conversation:

If the conversation is between more than two people then make sure you talk to everyone and try to include everyone in the conversation. It shows your communication skills and people take interest in the conversation.

Communication skills are crucial for successful professional career as well as personal relationships. Apply and practice above mentioned tips to become an effective communicator. It will definitely help you achieve new confidence and greater success.

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