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The secret behind a healthy work-life balance

The secret behind a healthy work-life balance

The world is moving so fast that many of us are working ourselves to the bone.

We are all constantly asked to push our boundaries, become more productive, have high ambitions and outperform our peers. How can we possibly do it all?

Is a healthy work-life balance just a myth?

The idea of maintaining a healthy work-life balance has become more common over the past decade with technology and the evolution of demanding jobs. Achieving that balance has started looking more and more elusive.

And yet, there are people who work quite productively while balancing the different aspects of their lives. How do they do it?

With the right mindset and some self-awareness, you can quickly master the habits that will turn you into a high-functioning individual satisfied with their achievements both at work and in life.

So, what are some secrets to achieving and maintaining a healthy work-life balance?

Step one: Prioritize

Set your goals and declutter your to-do list

Yes, maybe your to-do list keeps becoming longer as the days go by. But the secret to productivity isn’t figuring out how to do it all, it’s figuring out what tasks are worth your time. Ask yourself three questions:

  • What fits into your personal and professional goals and adds value to your life?
  • Have you prioritized only important tasks, or have you bitten off more than you can chew?
  • Is it only work-related things on your list? If you want a true work-life balance, add other things as well so you see the full picture.

Finding time for friends, family and even self-care is just as critical for your happiness and well-being.

Step two: Plan

Plans are useless, but planning is key

Just the mental act of planning can help your mind prepare itself for the tasks that lie ahead. Ten minutes spent planning will save you countless minutes redoing or reworking on something later. But remember:

  • Any good plan is also a flexible plan. You might want to complete something in the next two hours, but there could be a medical emergency at home, or your kids might need you to spend time with them.
  • Be open-minded, and remember that your own priorities could change with time – and that’s okay.
  • Don’t let the planning process become a reason to procrastinate further!

Step three: Perform

Staying consistent will turn your goals into habits

Here are three simple ways to do it

When we were children, we were not taught how to cultivate good habits in our everyday life like, being mindful of our actions, the power of our words and how to put them into action.

Words- When you plan to do something, say ‘I want to’ and not ‘I will’.

Habits-Just like many of us make our beds every day, we can make it a habit to take small actions towards our goals. The best way to stay on track and achieve your goals is to build new habits and be mindful of our goals.

Action-Once you identify the right actions – say, plan weekly meetings to improve communication between your teammates – focus on consistency. You cannot start a new habit in 5 minutes, it is a process and can take you at least 3 months.

Just the act of doing something consistently will help turn it into a habit, and before you know it you’ll be on auto-pilot, well on your way to achieving your goals!  

Motivation and habit go hand in hand if done with the help of a coach.

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