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Smart tricks to boost your mood

Bad Mood can definitely affect our productivity and happiness in everyday life. It is also true that many things can negatively impact our moods. However, the good thing is that there are many effective ways to boost your mood. Kalden talks about some simple tricks to improve your mood and stay happy in her new blog.

A lot of things can negatively impact our moods. For example, in current situation (covid19 pandemic) spending most of our time alone or indoor, working from home, financial conditions can impact some people’s mood. Sometimes when we think more about our office work, household chores, kids, relationships or other life issues, it may also affect our mood. 

Good mood is not just important to your happiness and emotional health but it is also important for your physical health. It also reduce the Cortisol (stress hormone) levels in the body. Cortisol hormone is linked to number of diseases (diabetes, obesity, sleeping problems and high blood pressure) and good mood can reduce the risk of these diseases.

It happens to everyone, everyone feels down at some time. But there are many ways to boost your mood and be happy. Most of us do not realize that we have more control over our mood and happiness than we think. You don’t need to make big changes to uplift your mood. Simple tricks can help you improve your mood and stay happy.

If you are feeling down due to some reason, embrace your mood with below listed tips and tricks

Lighten up your space

Keep the curtains aside and let some light come inside, when you wake up in the morning. Exposure to morning sunshine help you be in a better mood throughout the day and get good sleep in the night. If you get just one hour of bright light daily in the morning, it can improve your perspective on life.

Get up and move

Get up from your bed and do some activity. Exercise and other activities help our brain release endorphins in our body. Endorphins are mood uplifting hormones which make us feel happy and delighted. All physical activities are good for mood and you can add to those benefits by doing it outside. A 20 minutes daily outdoor walk can do wonders to your mood. In simple words, more you exercise or stay active throughout the day, you will notice better mood.

Listen music

Music can help you improve mood, reduce stress and lower your blood pressure levels. Get some time to listen your favorite songs. Listening to your favorite music relax your mind. You can also sing alone if you like. You can also try some relaxing or mood booster music. It can help you enhance your mood.

Spend some time with kids

Spending time with kids, playing with kids and watching them playing can actually lift up your spirits. Kids play like they are free birds and their innocence and carefree attitude sometimes brings smile on your face. Watching them playing is amazing. It’s like nothing matters to them. It makes you happy and this happiness is widespread.  Sitting and playing with kids even just for few moments brings a positive change in your behavior. So you can try this trick to enrich your mood.

Do something you love to do

Think of something you love to do or you are good at.  It can be anything like drawing, writing, cooking or doing some DIYs. When you feel low or not in a good mood, you can try at least one thing you actually love to do. Put your efforts to get the best output. When you will see the result of that task, you will feel best about yourself. You will feel that you did it very well and it will really boost your mood.


Just like the exercise develop your muscles, same way meditation expands your brain. Meditation is the best way to conceal your mood. Meditation increases the size of areas of your brain which are correlated with memory, deep thoughts, and focused attention. Meditation can also help relieve depression, anxiety, anger, and fear. You don’t need to get more time for meditation, 15 to 20 minutes meditation everyday is sufficient. 

Remove the clutter

Untidy space around you also brings negative thoughts. Declutter the space around you either it is your work desk at the office or any space at home. It is important to keep it clean and organized. Messy and unorganized space around you make you remember that things are not up to mark around you. A clean and clutter free space around you brings positivity and boost your mood.

Integrate Laughter

You may have heard the phrase “laughter is the best medicine”. It’s extremely true. Incorporating laughter can help you boost your mood. It is the easiest trick to improve your mood. You can watch comedy shows, read or listen jokes etc. to relax your mind and enhance your mood.  You can uplift your spirits by having some fun or incorporating laughter but maintaining a good sense of humor can help you bring continuous happiness to your life.

Take a doze

We all know, how important sleep is. Sufficient sleep is essential for everyone for better mood and overall health. Sometimes we don’t get enough sleep in the night which may affect our mood. In that case, you should take a nap in the day if possible. People who get enough sleep everyday feel fresh, experience a better mood and healthy body.

Talk to someone

You can talk to your close friends or family members about your mood, your worries and your life. Sharing your problems with your loved ones gives you some kind of relief. Talk to someone who understands you and care for you. They may give you good suggestions or help you improve your mood. So it’s a very good idea to boost your mood.

No matter how life is going but strengthening your mood and helping yourself feel more positive in life is a tremendous thing to do. Bad mood times come in everybody’s life. It depends on you how you tackle the situation and how you put your efforts to improve your mood. Because good mood is the main ingredient for a happy life.

I have shared some smart tricks to boost your mood which you can try to bring happiness to your life and I hope these will definitely help you encompass your mood. 

Kalden’s motive is to help you recognize such issues that can negatively impact all aspects of your life. For more similar blogs keep following