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Eat Healthy, Live Happy


As many of us have realized during our time in lock-down, the simple acts of cooking and caring for ourselves are extremely important. If we are able to maintain some sort of a routine, eat healthy and practice some form of movement, both our bodies and minds can be nourished. To help inspire you, here are a couple of books that we recommend, so that you can experiment with new ways of eating healthy and staying positive.

101 Juice Recipes – Joe Cross

Have you ever found yourself tired of coming up with new recipes every day that you sometimes wish there was an easier way to get you nutrients and satisfy your hunger? Then this book is just the right place to start! Juicing is an efficient way to add more fresh fruit and vegetable to your diet without the hassle of chopping and cooking. When we consume uncooked fruits and vegetables, we are providing our body with lots of healthy micronutrients which would otherwise be lost in the cooking process. 

Juicing is not just an easy method, it is also extremely healthy and can provide you with a range of health benefits if you incorporate it into your daily diet. Eating a plant based diet can lower the risk of heart diseases, strokes and even some kinds of cancers.

If you are excited or intrigued to try out this method, purchase the 101 Juice Recipe Book by Joe Cross on Amazon. After his own experiences with the benefits of this method, he now works to provide others with the best ways to stay healthy. We hope that you too can experience the many benefits of juicing and enjoy getting fresh greens into your diet without having to spend hours preparing it.

The Art of Happiness- His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Howard C Cutler

There is no doubt that one of the most inspirational figures in our world today is His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Despite the many painful and difficult circumstances he has been through, he is still a beacon of peace, light and pure joy. He is one of the great examples to us all, to learn how to soften our hearts and open our lives to happiness, despite the hurt and uncertainty that life can bring our way. 

This book gives us special insights and lessons through conversations between the two authors, of how we too can overcome the day to day anxieties, insecurities, angers and disappointments that we face. In these difficult circumstances, this book can help us make sense of some of our feelings and give us the power to move toward a happier, more content life. You can purchase a copy of The Art of Happiness on Amazon now and begin your journey to happiness by learning how to practice both self-compassion and compassion for others. 

We hope that these books can inspire you to eat healthy and live happy. To learn more about ways in which you can do so please check out Kalden’s blog.