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Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is a historical science that clarifies planetary positions and motions with respect to time and their effects on humans and other entities of earth. According to Indian Vedic astrology the sun, moon, stars, and planets imply the terrestrial phenomenon or demonstrate these kinds of phenomena by their different configurations. For example, at the time of birth, the arrangements of planets and stars specify the basic life story inclinations, strengths, characteristics, and weaknesses of the newborn.

Vedic astrology is the aged form of astrology. Vedic astrology is a part of the vedangas of Vedas. Vedas are ancient Hindu scriptures. It comes from the Rig Veda. It is also called “jyotish vidya” or the “science of light”. Earlier the Vedic astrology was based on the activity of stars and planets only but later it included the zodiac signs as well.

Vedic astrology is about cosmic light patterns which are thought to determine our destiny. The basic principle of Vedic astrology is that everything is linked. Your fortune or your karma is determined by a fated cosmic design.

Role of various planets in Vedic astrology

According to Vedic astrology the planets are representatives of various gods. As per the Indian history the lord Krishna passed the concept of Vedic astrology to “Rishi Vyasa”. Each planet is overseen by a specific divinity. So if you want to mitigate the bad effects of a particular planet on your life you have to propitiate that specific God who oversees that planet.

Let’s have a look at different deities governing the planets

Lord Rama rules the Sun

Lord Krishna rules the Moon

Mars is governed by Lord Narasimha

Mercury by Lord Buddha

Jupiter ruled by Vamana

Venus represents Parshurama

Saturn governed by Lord Kurma

Rahu represents Lord Varaha

Ketu ruled by Lord Matasya

Predictive magic of astrology

Planetary ruling periods or dashas give considerable predictive accurateness to Vedic astrology. These dashas or planetary ruling periods are different to this system. It gives a tool to Vedic astrologers for a quite precise prediction of changes, trends, and events in your life with incredible precision. That’s why Vedic astrologers are not restricted to talk about your general life and nature and can get deeper to tell you about what is going to happen in your life.

Interesting facts one should know about Vedic astrology

  • Astrology is there for thousands of years. It was derived in india thousands of years ago. First texts about this theory were found in the oldest Veda called Rig Veda.
  • The Vedas have six different appendixes called Vedangas. Jyotish Vedangas includes the ancient text about Vedic astrology. It exists in two editions which are linked to Yajurveda and Rigveda. 
  • Vedic jyotish Shastra was written by rishi Parashara. In this book he mentioned the rules and regulations of Vedic astrology. Rishi jaimini wrote short texts and notes on sutras of Vedic astrology. 
  • Vedic astrology is the relationship between life on earth and celestial formats. We are a part of the universe so our birth details listed on the celestial timings are actually significant. Vedic astrology gives us the details of our life meanings and tracks according to our birth details. 
  • Our astrological chart developed from our birth time and celestial clock can help the Vedic astrologer know about our shortcomings, positivity, harms, and activities. With the help of it, we can take protection to bad and enjoy a happy existence.
  • Vedic astrology just shows a direction to your life. It can show future prospects but can’t predict future events. It actually shows you the possible path and if you want it can also show you the way to change it.
  • As per the Vedic astrology human body is influenced by the moon. The moon affects the tides of the ocean and our body is made up of 70{c3851e72db8c59172f314c71a8270c8062c295414d5e0a064080f2eb2c184194} water so when the moon changes it’s phases it cause emotional variations in the human body.
  • Zodiac signs also called “rashis” are based on the revolution of the earth around the sun. There are 12 zodiac signs which illustrate the particular characteristics of the person born in it.
  • Vedic astrology and western astrology are different. Vedic astrology is based on examining the fix position of constellations in the sky or sidereal zodiac. While western astrology is based on investigating the constellations in connection to the position of the sun or tropical zodiac.

Importance of Vedic astrology

Vedic astrology lights the path of our life and it’s completely our preference whether we want to roam on this path or not. It help us know how we can make the best feasible use of these concepts in our lives when we are in bad phase. Vedic astrology is like a connecting chord between our past present and future. It doesn’t know gender, caste, religion or nationality it completely concerns the vital fundamentals of our lives.

Vedic astrology is a logical way of living on the earth. It is an amazing concept for self analysis and self contemplation. It is an individual as well as a collective science. It is not just an assumption but it is more about understanding or you can say it is a knowledge system.  Vedic astrology is the key to understand the working of the universe. 

Basically it deals with the culmination through the consciousness. It is a common bond between all the current and ancient communities. So astrology doesn’t say that a certain event is going to happen it just predict that there is a certain possibility of an even happening. Vedic astrology is astonishingly accurate. Even it can work correctly on hourly or daily basis if needed.

Vedic astrology is the knowledge of demonstrating ones life possibilities and occurrences by reasoning it with the effect of cosmic bodies in our galaxy. It is believed that activity of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies directly impact the activities of all living things of earth. Vedic astrology infers those effects and associates it to the episodes and  possibilities of ones life according the time of their birth.

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