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Learn 8 effective methods to help you get rid of anxiety


Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uneasiness, or your body’s response to the stress. Normal anxiety is when you feel nervous or fearful in any situation such as the first day of school, giving a speech in front of the public or during job interviews, etc. this type if the anxious feeling is normal and it happens with most of the people.

When the feelings of anxiety become extreme and last for more than 6 months, these feelings start interfering with your daily life and health. This type of anxiety is a disorder. General symptoms of anxiety include restlessness, rapid breathing or difficulty breathing, increased heart rate, poor sleep, and trouble concentration.

When the anxiety becomes extreme it inhibits the fullness of your life so you need to get rid of it. There are a number of strategies to help reduce and manage anxiety. Chronic anxiety may require professional therapy and prescription medications.

Everyone can get rid of anxiety. You may not get rid of fear completely but you can learn how to handle it and control your life. Many tricks can help you get rid of anxiety including, yoga, meditation and exercise etc.  this article outlines the methods for building a less anxious and calmer state of mind.

Try kalden’s simple ways to get rid of anxiety without any medication.

Change your physical state:

When you are anxious about something it makes you sweating, trembling, or difficult to breathe sometimes affecting your physical being. Changing your physical state is just like changing your focus and it means good energy flow. It gives you the clarity that you actually need. Always stand straight with your chin and chest up. This is the right physical state to get rid of the feeling of fear. This position builds your confidence. Try some physical activities like a daily walk, dancing for physical fitness as it improves your overall physical fitness.

Create healthy habits:

Some simple healthy habits can help you get rid of anxiety. Check what you eat and pay attention to your eating habits. Choose healthy and natural foods. Avoid packed and processed foods as these are not good for your health as well as anxiety. It is very important yo be aware of what you eat. stop drinking alcohol and smoking because it can trigger your anxiety. They create high blood pressure and other health issues. Incorporate more fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats in your diet.


Exercise is one of the best solutions for anxiety. Physical activity enhances the levels of serotonin and endorphins to help you feel better. It helps you feel better inside and improve your entire mood and outlook. Try to make it a habit. Do 30 minutes of exercise daily. Here I am talking about simple exercise, not a painful workout. Performing normal exercise daily can help you stay fit and improve your mood.

Learn relaxation techniques:

Relaxation techniques are known to be most effective for stress and anxiety. Practice yoga, deep breathing, and mindfulness meditation to relax your mind, body, and soul. Yoga is particularly beneficial for anxiety and stress. It is known to have the best effects on mood and the function of your nervous system. These techniques significantly decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol ( stress hormone) levels. These techniques decrease the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Mindfulness meditation encourages you to focus on thoughts, feelings, or body sensations happening in the present moment of the time. It helps you distract from negative and ruminative thoughts.

Learn to master your fear:

Push the past away and reflect on positive things in your life. You should not remember your negative or bad past. Learn how to master your fear and do not let it make you a prisoner. You have to learn how to master your fear and anxiety if you want to live a normal life. You need to master your emotions, learn how to deal with your anxiety and take back your normal life. Don’t get tied to your fear and live a full life. 

Use the 60-second rule:

Kalden asks you to think about how long you want to continue in this stare of mind. Whenever you feel anxious and need help, try kalden’s 60-second rule.  If you are expecting to never feel fearful in life, you will not succeed. Everyone feels fearful or anxious at some stage of life and it is natural. You can sit snd think that how long you want to be in this anxiety state. In the 60 second rule accept your fear at the moment you are and see a clock, you have 60 seconds to feel terrible then you will not feel the same.

Accept your anxiety:

Everyone has and so do you so accept and embrace when you face anxiety and create a new mantra. “ I am in my space and power to create a new version of this situation as I am not my anxiety “. Sometimes when you fight more with anxiety it becomes more overwhelming. Instead, try to embrace your anxiety as a part of your life and let it go. Understand your anxiety and accept that you have to work hard to bring a calm environment for you. Turn your anxiety into positive energy and use it to move forward. Learn the skills you need to go forward when you panic or feel anxious.

Create a good support system:

Have friends and a life coach. You can talk to your friends about your fears and anxiety. It is a great way to cope with this issue. Release your emotions with your friends who can support you in this situation. Spending time with friends and family impacts enormously on your mindset and how you manage your emotions. If you are looking for ways to get over anxiety you can also consider a life coach. A life coach can help you disclose the reasons for your fear but can help you develop beliefs and habits that can increase your fulfillment in all aspects of life. Good relationships and supportive friends can help you deal with anxiety and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Anxiety is like a beast but you can beat it without medication. Many people feel anxious sometimes. So it us very common. Above mentioned methods can help you promote calmness. learn these calming strategies to lead a happier and healthier life.

Kalden asks you to learn and practice the above-mentioned methods to overcome your worries and nervousness to modify your thoughts, behavior, and lifestyle.