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How to become emotionally and socially intelligent?


When you’re angry, sad, frustrated or anxious, your mind goes into either flight, fight or freeze mode. At this point, you lose the ability to think rationally and lose emotional balance. But there are some of those who, despite being in the most tattered state of mind knowing exactly what to say in which situation. These people may not be big problem-solvers but they are quite likable, hopeful and optimistic. These are emotionally intelligent people.

On the other hand, socially intelligent people are those who share a good rapport with almost everyone. These people are known to have ‘people’s skills’ or ‘social intelligence’. Socially intelligent people tend to have a better understanding of other’s behavior, emotions, feelings and gestures.

Now, both social and emotional intelligence is of utmost importance for a successful professional and personal life. If you’re not capable enough to tackle your emotions or be considerate about a fellow’s loss – You’re not fit to work in an organization. If you feel yourself lacking in the social and emotional intelligence department, here’s a quick guide about how you can become socially and emotionally intelligent.

Practice active listening

People are wired differently. Something amusing to you may be offensive to another. A little bit of sensitivity and listening to others can go a long way in developing your social intelligence. Besides listening patiently, be observant of the other one’s non-verbal details of the communication. This helps to decipher the correct message of the speaker and leaves no room for misunderstandings.

Strike a conversation

Emotions like anger, sadness, frustration or anxiety take your mind to a different tangent where you think of fight, flight or simply freeze. You cannot think rationally anymore in such situations. Now, because you know that you need to be emotionally and socially balanced to do well in life, but how do you get that?

Kaldan has answered it in her blog here where she tells you what to do to become emotionally and socially intelligent?

Nobody beats a good talker. Being talkative is different from being a tactful speaker. Create a dialogue with little details you picked up when you last met the person. This helps in creating meaningful conversations that ultimately lead to fruitful relationships. Empathize with others so they know that you’re an emotionally intelligent human and not a robot.

Be aware (self and surroundings)

Be aware of your own emotions and how they impact people around you. Pick up the best traits from other’s body language and verbal communication to add to your skill set. This is what socially and emotionally intelligent people do. 

Although similar, emotional intelligence has got more to do with your own emotions while social intelligence is more focused on your interpretation of other’s emotions. Both aren’t easy to master but with the right guidance and genuine efforts, you can avoid those ‘awkward moments’ at work or parties. Book a consultation with India’s favorite motivational speaker, Kaldan Doma to learn more about social and emotional intelligence. Her techniques and theories will help you lead a richer and more socially-active life.