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How to value your own company


We are all collectively experiencing the shifts that this pandemic has brought to our lives. Our everyday routines have had to change. Our interactions with others have decreased and the amount of time we have had to spend with ourselves has increased to the point where many of us are starting to feel lonely and bored. When the situation in our environment has forced us to turn inwards, we must learn how to value our own company

When you are alone you do not have to be sad and lonely

There has always been a lot of focus on teaching children how to interact and socialize with others. Being alone is often ridiculed, stigmatized and looked down on. So naturally when we are alone we see ourselves in that light. But this is all part of our pre-programing. We must stop seeing time alone as a thing to be sad about and instead use the time to enjoy our own company and discover new things about ourselves. 

You can re-learn to happy by knowing who you are and being creative

Happiness is not a constant state. Just like our other emotions it rises and falls as we go thought our days. Re-learning what happiness means to you and what makes you happy can help you understand your own needs better. When we take the time to get to know our own selves we know what to do to bring us joy. Engaging in creative activity is a great way to know yourself better. Creating anything allows you to express your thoughts, feelings and ideas and build a better relationship with yourself. 


You can be happy when you spend your time alone with yourself

Once you have identified what brings you joy, you can enjoy the time you have with yourself more freely instead of feeling dependent on others to bring joy to you. Usually when we are alone we tend to spend a lot of time and energy feelings badly about the parts of our self we are ashamed of. This can lead to us feeling sad, lonely and even depressed. If we spend the same time and energy building ourselves up and recognizing the wonders of our own lives and experiences, we can create an atmosphere of joy, connectedness and kindness for ourselves.  

Self-care is as important as caring for others

When we focus our ever minute on fulfilling the needs of others we are constantly sending a message to our self that we ae not as important as other people. It is both necessary and important that we see and treat ourselves with the same value as we do others. If we are unable to care for ourselves first, it won’t be too long before others will have to care for us. Looking at self-care as a routine and not an indulgence is very important in building a good, secure relationship with yourself. 

Spend some time engaging in activities that bring you happiness. Find activities that nourish your body, mind and soul. The next time you find yourself alone, take a long bath, cook a great meal and spend time getting to know yourself. You might find your own company to be fun! For tips on how to practice self-care visit Kalden’s blog.