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How to be a Zero Stress Person


Do you feel stressed and anxious even when there are no clear stressors in your life? You are not alone. In earlier times, our body used the fight-or-flight response in times of danger, but today there is no immediate threat, so stress manifests as unrealized anxiety that needs to be managed.

Stress also indicates that there is something in your life that needs to be changed, or reexamined. The following strategies can help you towards your goal of becoming a zero stress person.

5 Ways to manage your stress:

Stay active!

Many ancient sources of knowledge suggest that the body and mind are connected, and science agrees. When you exercise, you release chemicals like serotonin, endorphins and dopamine. These happy hormones play a role in improving our moods and mental balance.

Make activities like dancing, running, or anything else that you enjoy a regular part of your routine.

Look Inward

Stress comes with symptoms and gives you symptoms of further problems that will manifest if you leave stress alone. If you are feeling stress even when there is no stressor, you need to understand that this would worsen if you don't act upon it now. 

How would you act? Well, Kaldan tells you 5 practical ways to manage your stress in her blog. Read the blog and take your first step to be a zero stress person now

The key to being a zero stress person is understanding yourself. A little peace and quiet, and getting back in touch with yourself is crucial alongside our busy lives. Guided meditation and the practice of mindfulness can help you get back in touch with yourself.

If meditation is not for you, spend some time around nature and connect with what’s around you.

Self Care

Every day, do at least one thing for yourself. This could be taking a long bath or even going on an early morning walk.

Writing in a journal can be fruitful, as you will realize over time that moods change and emotions are transient. Writing can also help you become better friends with your own self.

Sometimes we need an outside, neutral perspective to help us reflect on our lives. Visiting a therapist can help you find a structure to work on yourself.

Surround yourself with people who care

It is important to have friends and family that you can share your experiences with. While the occasional party night can be good, you should also have meaningful relationships with people who care about you and ask you questions like: How are you feeling? How was your day?

You must also extend yourself to support these people and be there for them as well.

Turn your thoughts to action

Sometimes our to-do-list is our biggest source of stress. The only way out is not to procrastinate. Whatever is on your agenda, start working on it step by step and the task won’t seem as daunting any more.

Our lives today are chaotic, and each individual needs support systems to help them through difficult times. While a little stress is evitable from time to time, it is possible to train yourself to react calmly to stressful situations, and become a zero stress person. Regular habits help us get through these times, and sometimes the best support system can be your own self.

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