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5 tips to improve your concentration

5 tips to improve your concentration

In this fast paced world there are endless distractions which influence our concentration and power to focus. Poor concentration is becoming a very common problem these days and it can create and lead to other issues. To avoid that you need to improve your concentration.

We are easily distracted and lose our focus easily these days. For example- Students with lack of concentration score poor grades, working people are unable to meet the deadlines, and aged people experience trouble focusing.

Here are five tips to improve your concentration

If you are someone who feels trouble concentrating then you should try these tips to improve your concentration.

Self-awareness through mindfulness Meditation:

Meditation is an ancient method (practiced by Rishis) practiced for better self awareness, focus and peace of mind. Observing your breath during meditation takes you into a peaceful and dynamic state of being. Mindfulness meditation is performed in a clean and silent environment to improve your concentration abilities.  A peaceful mind can work more efficiently and this is what meditation help you achieve.


Poor concentration can lead to several issues that can derail you from focussing on your goals. But poor concentration is the truth of current times because of several distractions around. Focus is the key thing for success and so you need to learn how to concentrate.

Your problem is solved now in this blog from Kaldan where she is telling you 5 effective tips to improve your concentration.
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Yoga is also an ancient technique. Yoga techniques are being practiced by people worldwide now. Yoga is known to be very effective method to increase mind power, alertness and concentration.  Yoga is something to be practiced frequently to maintain good health, powerful brain and overall well being.

Right diet:

Whatever we eat has a major impact on all parts of our body including brain. So you can improve your concentration by eating right foods. Eat healthy and as much your body requires because heavy eating make you sleepy and sluggish. Add concentration boosting foods to your diet including avocados, almonds and walnuts.

Regular simple activities and exercise:

Your ability to concentrate depends on your physical well being. Regular simple activities like walking, gardening, puzzles and memory or mind games can help you improve your concentration.  Regular exercise enhances the flow of oxygen to brain. It makes your brain work more efficiently and eases a restless mind.

De stressing yourself helps you get nice sleep: 

Stress is the biggest culprit that forms the rust in your brain. If you are stressed you can’t concentrate on anything.  Forget about the stress causing things and do all possible things to avoid stress. Switch of all electronic devices (mobile laptop etc.) and go out in the fresh air, spend some time with yourself.  Stress also leads to sleep disturbances. Just like other organs of the body our mind also needs rest. Depriving your sleep due to stress or tension affects your concentration power negatively. De stressing can help you get proper sleep, improve your concentration and make your mind work perfectly.

Lack of concentration is very common these days in people of all age groups. Above mentioned 5 simple tips will surely help you improve your concentration. You just have to make these things a part of your routine life if you want to enhance your concentration level and achieve a healthy brain and peaceful mind.

Kaldan is always here to help you improve your mental health by following simple tips.