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How Mindfulness Meditation can help you

How mindfulness meditation can help you

In this busy world, you are always occupied with various tasks or jobs related to your personal and professional life. As you are so much engrossed in your work you hardly get time to think about yourself. Days come and goes and you work like a machine without giving it’s a thought whether you like what you are doing or not. In this case, mindfulness meditation can help you to realize your soul, feelings, and emotions.

Mindfulness is an activity that emphasizes your attention in the present time and makes you accept it without any judgment. In the present era, it is proved that mindfulness meditation can help you to reduce your stress and provide you happiness.

How mindfulness meditation can help you

Buddhism is the root from where mindfulness has been generated but numerous religions also encompass some kind of prayers or meditation practices that assists you to think deeply and cherish your present life by getting isolated from the preoccupied thoughts in your mind.

According to Professor emeritus Jon Kabat-Zinn, founder and former director of the Stress Reduction Clinic at the University Of Massachusetts Medical Center assisted to introduce mindfulness meditation into the medicated regime and illustrated that mindfulness meditation can help you to inculcate positive changes in your attitude, behavior, and health.

1. Mindfulness improves your physical health:-

Mindfulness meditations can help you to improvise your physical health by relieving stress, lowering blood pressure level, improves sleep, minimizes chronic pain, reduces gastrointestinal difficulties and it’s also very effective in treating certain heart diseases.

2. Mindfulness enhances your mental health:-

From a few years, psychotherapists have discovered that mindfulness meditation can help you a lot in recovering from several mental issues such as depression, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, obsessive-compulsive disorder and conflicts between couples.

3. Mindfulness upgrades well-being:-

Mindfulness meditation can help you to possess attitudes that offer a satisfying life. If you are mindful then you can easily dwell with the adverse situations, enjoy every moment of your life and can trace all the pleasures in your life as they occur. If you are practicing mindfulness meditation regularly then gradually you will not be concerned about the happenings in your life and lead a satisfied and accomplished life.

Mindfulness Meditation Techniques

There are numerous ways to practice mindfulness but the sole goal of any mindfulness meditation technique is to attain focused relaxation, state of vigilance and rigorous attention to the thoughts and feelings without being judgmental. So, mindfulness meditation can help you to focus on your present moment.

1. Fundamental mindfulness meditation:-

Sit quietly and concentrate on your breathing, one word or any mantra which you are repeating silently. Then allow all kinds of thoughts to come and go without being judgmental to them and then slowly focus again on your breath or the mantra.

2. Emotions:-

Any emotions such as fear, happiness or even frustration which is coming to your mind should be felt without any judgment. Just feel them and let them go.

3. Body Sensations:-

Notice minutely all the body sensations, for example, itching, tingling, etc, from the head to toe without judging them and just let them pass.

 4. Sensory – Notice all your sensory parts such as smell, touch, sight, taste, and sound. Name them one by one and then let them go without any judgment.

5. Impulse surfing:-

Manage cravings mainly for behaviors and let them pass. Just notice the feeling of your body as the craving enters. Try to replace the desire for the craving to pass with the assistance of concrete knowledge which is best for its subsidizing. 

Practices which ensures –mindfulness meditation can help you

Many of us are enslaved to daily hectic work and work like a machine without thinking. This is a serious problem and we are looking for practical solutions for it.

Kaldan tells you how mindfulness meditation can help you realize your soul, feelings, and emotions. Read about it in her blog here and share your experience with her.

Mindfulness can be enlightened by mindfulness meditation which is a systematic methodology of concentrating on your attention. You can inculcate medication on your own by reading books, surfing the internet, etc. But its best to have a mentor who would suggest, answer and guide you the perfect ways of meditation.

If you are looking to heal yourself medically, then its best that you join any medically oriented meditation program as it will be best for you.

Learn Meditation by Oneself

Some common types of meditation are – concentration, repeating a phrase or mantra, focusing on breathing process, thought process, etc which comes and goes.

Concentration meditation practices, Tai-chi or yoga activities can help generate relaxation responses which are very effective in reducing the stress in the body and mind. 

So, mindfulness meditation can help you to heal stress successfully from your body and mind and assist you to pursue a healthy life.

Thorough mindfulness meditation cultivates concentration practices. The following is the analytical explanation of how it works:-

1. Move with the flow:-

While practicing mindfulness meditation you possess a concentration, you start observing emotions, feelings, body sensations, and inner thought just letting them go without judging them.

2. Be aware:-

You are prone to external sensations such as sight, touch, and sound which adds on to your experience. The challenge is not to be caught in any thoughts, emotions, sensations or incidents of the past. Instead, you have to concentrate deeply to find out which mental habits produce a feeling of pain or happiness.

3. Stay connected to it:-

Sometimes the process of mindfulness meditation may seem disturbing but just stay connected to it and practice it continuously as gradually Mindfulness meditations can help you to stay contented as you will be comfortable with all kinds of incidents occurring in your life.

Mindfulness meditation can help you in your overall development. But keep in mind that mindfulness meditation is a dose-related concept – the more you practice, the more effective it is for you. So just start practicing it today by following the above-mentioned techniques and witness the positive changes in your body and mind.

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