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10 Effective Leadership Skills to become a Good Leader

10 Effective Leadership Skills to become a Good Leader

In today’s world having good leadership skills can set you apart from your competition. But being a good leader is not only about developing and growing personally, it is also about enabling others around us to perform to the fullest of their abilities. Only when we are all working together and inspiring each other can we reach our common goals. 

Effective leadership skills are not only beneficial to you, the individual, but will also add great value to your workplace and impact how you interact with those around you. 

These are ten effective ways to hone your leadership skills and become a good leader. 

Know your own abilities
Be aware of what you bring to the table and what abilities you may lack in. By recognizing your own strengths and drawbacks you will know the how to put together a team that complements each other’s talents and abilities.

Take every opportunity you can to practice the skills that you need to be a good leader. Seek opportunities to get up in front of people to talk or make presentations. Over time something that was uncomfortable will start to become more and more natural. 

Be open to feedback
Often feedback can seem like a personal criticism but if we look at it as an opportunity to improve our skills and not as a personal attack, we can be more attune to the needs of our fellow teammates or colleagues. 

Give appreciating freely
We often forget to encourage and appreciate the hard work that other people put in. By focusing on the positive aspects of other you are more likely to create a healthy working environment. 

Anticipate change
To be an effective leader you must be able and willing to anticipate the changes that are likely to occur. This way you can be prepared to face the challenges as they arise rather than be overwhelmed by them. 

Having good leadership skills surely gives you an advantage over your competitors. However, having good leadership skills is not limited to your personal growth but it includes helping people around you achieve their true potential as well. You surely would know the effective leadership skills required but if you are wondering or missing some of them then you don't need to worry at all.

Kaldan in her blog shares 10 effective leadership skills to become a good leader. Read it, follow it and if you have any queries or comments to make, please do that in the comment section.

Expand you comfort zone
Explore experiences that make you move outside your comfort zone. Try a new method or learn a new skill so that you are constantly learning and growing.

Recognize and appreciate diversity
We all have different experiences that we bring with us. Recognizing and appreciating the diversity of our varied experiences can help us be better leaders by being more inclusive. 

Be willing to learn
One of the most important skills for any leader is their openness and willingness to learn. We can not have all the answers and that is why it is important to be open to listening and learning from those around us. 

Be Assertive
Being a good leader is about finding the balance between expressing the needs and requirements that need to be met while still valuing the opinions and thoughts of those around you. 

Practice what you preach
It is most important for a good leader to mimic that qualities that they view as important. If you are able to set the tone yourself it will be easier for those around you to follow. 

Leadership skills are something that can be learned and sharpened over time. These skills are valuable and can shape the future of our surroundings. 

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