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What is Authentic Leadership?

What is Authentic Leadership?

An authentic leader is not necessarily the one who does great things. But definitely, the one who inspires people to do the same because they have made the connection with their Core(They have no doubts about who they are).

 Let’s look at four behaviour patterns that an authentic leader is most likely to exhibit.

An authentic leader is cognizant and bona fide.

Self-actualization is perhaps the most important personality trait of them all. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and not afraid to show their real side to their followers. They are emotionally and socially intelligent people, legitimizing their leadership through honest relationships with their followers.

An authentic leader is a purpose driven and focused on perpetual outcomes.

They are able to put the goals of their organization and its purpose ahead of their own personal interests or pursuits. They do their job focusing on long-term results and not for their own power, money or ego.

Authentic leaders realise that nurturing individuals and to nurture a company requires hard work and patience, but the approach pays large dividends over time.

An authentic leader leads with integrity, vision, and empathy.

They don’t say things they don’t mean and people respect them for this quality. People begin to trust their leaders once they realize that their leader will deliver what he/she commits. 

This also motivates people to reciprocate similarly and they are automatically driven towards professional excellence and growth. This is why successful leaders of today are not only visionary but people’s champions as well.

Authentic leaders are also not afraid of showing empathy towards their co-worker and employees. This quality builds strong relationships based on truthfulness and genuine emotions. 

An authentic leader is an avid listener and communicator.

What is Authentic Leadership?

They are great listeners and are open to the opinion and suggestions as they know that this will lead to achieving the common goal. This is because they are mindful about what is being said to them at that moment. They say less and listen more. This makes them expert in Body language reading which helps them in working with difficult and different personalities.

The above four qualities of an authentic leader if and when applied will not only reflect on the leader but also on the employees, organization, and company as they will become happy, productive and mindful. Going through the transformation is a process and do take time but in the end it genuinely works. 

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