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Why do we choose leaders?


Right through history, humans have organized themselves to form a group. We are social beings at our core and it is an evolutionary drive to stick together for the survival of the individual and the group.  We often chose a strong leader is to ensure that we reach this goal. But we have come a long way from our hunter-gatherer ancestors and qualities like the strength that was once valuable, may not be as valuable in the world.

Over time, we have gone through many systems and forms of leadership and governance. As we enter a new decade, we must rethink many of our older systems so we can adapt effectively to the needs of the hour. 

Leaders of all kind

We might see our boss as a leader of the company and follow the rules they lay down. We might follow a charismatic religious leader to help us make our everyday decisions. And we elect political leaders who tell us exactly what we want to hear but rarely act on it. 

Through all these different leadership styles and roles there is one common thread. This thread is us! The people who follow and elect. The people who truly give power to these leaders.

Redefining leadership

With companies becoming more and more powerful, the boom of the production and new financial systems it is important for us to realize who we elect into power and why.

We choose many leaders based on their traits. These could be traits of power and strength which are often ego-driven. Yet, we still follow them and put up with their poor behavior and values. Why is this? 

It is time for us to re-examine what our world needs today and base our choices on the current needs instead of just acting on our pre-programmed states.  

Changing the System

Leaders are important for any organization, society or nation. They set vision or goal and lead people in that direction. Kaldan explains extensively about why do we choose leaders and changing system in leadership in her new blog.
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Our parents, teachers, peers, and society constantly shape our views of how we see the world. This is what I call pre-programming. Have you ever been promised a promotion if you work hard but never got it? This could be just a tool to extract work! Therefore, we need to challenge these pre-programmed views in our adult life. 

When we find systems unfair we must speak up if we want these systems to change. For example, it is difficult to get a good job without prior experience and it is difficult to get any experience if no one will give us a job! 

We have had many great leaders and thinker who have shaped the world for the better. But we have also seen many horrible leaders who have destroyed lives and families.

Whether it be the leader of a company, a religious institution or a political leader, we must all hold them accountable for their actions. We must choose people and values that will shape the world of the future. And we hope that it will be a world of love, harmony with our environment and peace for all. Please read Kaldan’s blog to know to learn more about how we can create a better inner and outer world for ourselves.