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How to travel Eco-friendly and change the world


Travel is a life-changing experience. But could it be a planet-changing experience too?

Eco-friendly travel is all about making small yet impactful ‘green’ changes to minimize your ecological footprint. All you really need to do is be as ‘environmentally conscious’ as you can. 

We owe future generations a better world! It’s time to tweak your travel habits and work towards becoming an eco-friendly traveler. Here are a few ways to get you started!

Opt for eco-tourism or sustainable travel options

Consider going on a ‘green vacation’ to an eco-friendly or sustainable travel destination. Travel companies also offer ecotourism packages for individuals as well as groups. A little research can help you find the perfect destination for guilt-free, eco-friendly escapes! 

Choose your transport wisely

Airplane emissions give rise to major environmental concerns. Ditch airplanes if it is possible to reach your destination via train, bus or car. 

In case that is not an option, choose a sustainable airline to fly with. Whenever possible, book a non-stop flight. Since most carbon emissions are caused during takeoff and landing, non-stop flights tend to be better for the planet. 

Avoid too much luggage

Lighter bags mean that your plane would also weigh less. This ultimately leads to less fuel consumption and reduces carbon emissions!

Unplug before you leave

Before you lock your house and finally hit the road, don’t forget to:

  • Unplug all electronic appliances and devices.
  • Sort the items in your refrigerator. Finish or give away perishable items. 

Avoid private transport

Public transport options, rented bikes or just walking are all great ways to discover a new place in a sustainable way!

Reduce your plastic waste

Become an eco-conscious traveler by carrying reusable shopping bags, reusable water bottles, travel mugs, or reusable straws. 

Think local when eating or drinking

Give yourself a (much-needed) break from eating unhealthy food! Try out traditional dishes prepared using local ingredients. This way you also promote and encourage local farmers, chefs, brewers or businesses. From street food to local brews, explore your destination for healthier dining options. 

Be a ‘responsible guest’

Eco-friendly hostels, hotels and homestays are popping up all over the world. Make sure the place you choose to stay takes its green initiatives seriously. 

In case you are unable to find sustainable accommodation, take the following steps to be a ‘responsible guest’:

  • Avoid wasting water. 
  • Reuse hotel linen and towels.
  • Conserve energy by limiting your use of air conditioning and hot water. Unplug devices and switch off lights before leaving your hotel room. 
  • Skip housekeeping if it’s not required. 

Once you are back from your travels, let your travel operator or accommodation know if you have any feedback or suggestions that can help them become more nature-friendly. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to ensure that the trend for more sustainable travel continues. No matter which place you choose to visit, ‘leave no trace’ should be the motto you live by.

Bon voyage!

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