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FEAR of loneliness (breaking up)


Fear comes from attachment of desire, facing and letting go makes us courage’s.

Each day when we you wake up you have a new day to live and create new things. But, wait that is not how you think when you wake up when you just have broken up with your partner. You are thinking about your work, friends and the lock down. Oh. Yes you cannot move around like you used to. Then you check your phone and there is update your phone or junk mail. There is nothing interesting. Then you feel this silence of the room and an empty feeling taking over your mind. You try to shake it off but it is taking over your mind. You are afraid of this feeling as it makes you feel confused and lost.

Breaking up
Breaking up is never easy but sometime you must do what is good for you and others if you are not in a happy relationship.
Anna had just broken up with her partner and was feeling lonely. She knew that her family is always there to support her but still she felt this feeling of emptiness within her. Each time she saw her friends with their partners Anna felt anxiety of being left all alone.

Staying in a relationship that did not fulfill you is not healthy and if you did break up then you did a positive action towards yourself and your partner. Don’t think your single life is a curse. Sometime life is giving you a chance to reevaluate and reflect your life. You can make decision to do certain action in our life out of Fear, like staying in relationship because you are scared to be alone.

Loneliness and fear can block you in becoming a free and independent person.

Depending on others
When you start to depend on others you start a process of imbalance within yourself without you even being aware of it. You are learning to master this skill of dependence and when this support is gone you will feel Fear and loneliness taking over you. This is hard learning and experience of giving your power to dependence.

Your mind
Your mind will overthink and over analyze which in turn will give anxiety and stress. Your mind will run all the images and stories. You can also loose breath while just sitting and thinking. All these are nothing but toxic thoughts that you are creating and no one else.

The nest way to get over this fear of loneliness is to-

  1. Do physical activity like yoga, zumba, home gym( watch TV or your tube)
  2. Breathing exercises
  3. Talking to your family or friends on the phone about your feeling
  4. Calling a life coach
  5. Be creative- do things that you thought about.
  6. Do activity with your family
  7. Be gratitude through action, speech and mind. By thanking people for cooking for you or even making tea or coffee for you.

Do these solution in the morning and evening. By doing this solution you are over powering your lioness and fear. These solution are your super power. Practice and embrace them. You will see yourself in a new light. You will develop a strong sense of who you are without depending on anyone.

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