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How to be fearless?


When we see courageous people around us, we feel like they have no fear. That’s not true actually. Everybody has fears in their mind but it depends on you how you govern your fear. Fearless people have also fear as anyone else and it’s their fear that makes them courageous. 

Spirited people look fearless because they rectify their fear differently. Bravery is not absence of fear but the accomplishment over it. So basically being fearless means learning how to power your fear.

Know your fear

Begin it by becoming aware of your fear. Pay attention, when you experience the feeling of fear. When you determine your fear you would be amazed that how much time you wasted unconsciously experiencing worries, anxiety and fear.

Respect your fear

Don’t afraid to be afraid. Be affluent to concede your fear. Understand the thing that fear is hardwired into your nervous system so difficult to shut down and the role of fear is to alert and safeguard not to prevent and scare. Fear is not your opponent but it is a supporter to navigate you through high risks situations and ensures your goal accomplishment.

Scrutinize the root of your fear

When fear appear, don’t let it loiter. Try to know the cause or lineage of your fear. You need to learn that, fear is not about what frightens you but it is about why it frightens you. The reasons why you Are scared of something may be the things that you are genetically predisposed to be afraid of, some past experiences and you are worried about your future or other consequences.


Understand the mechanics of fear

You need to comprehend that fear is an intricate experience made-up of interactive physical, mental and emotional factors. Your fear goes beyond the feelings of dismay and worry and your own thoughts can heighten your fears by making things horrifying than they actually are. You have to understand that your own actions can determine the level of impact, your fear will have on your life.

Prepare yourself without overreacting 

Don’t spend time for distressing about the nastiest case scenario rather, get prepared for it. Make a plan and even a backup plan. Overprepare yourself without haunting, ruminating or overreacting.

Focus on building your enthusiasm

Self confidence is like a remedy for your fear. More confident you are about your proficiency to deal with what terrifies you, more fearless you will be. Confidence building is an outcome of grasping a skill, attaining knowledge and earning experience.

Don’t afraid to ask for help

Despite its remarkable evolutionary significance, fear is not a leisure feeling. Fear is a innately awful experience that causes emotional anguish, physical distress and mental upheaval. If you don’t deal it properly it can become pathological.  You should know when to seek help and there is nothing to afraid to ask for help.

Appreciate yourself for being fearless

When you are working on being fearless and you feel like you are getting good results or you are doing good, reward yourself. Self appreciation is meaningful. When you are overcoming your fears and dealing appropriately with it, high five yourself for all your efforts.

We don’t understand that fear can restrict us in living joyful lives. Our fear can halt us from various things such as starting an imaginative project, applying for our dream job, putting forward our point of views and even reaching a likely soul mate. Fear can prevent us from living a happy life.

I have also worked through my fear and still doing it. It is a process but I decide to make it fun than let it take over me.

Hope you feel a bit fearless after getting these skills on how to become or take small steps leads to big one’s when you look back at it.

Kalden shared some helpful tips which can help you tackle your feelings of fear and become fearless.

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