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The life-changing power of Mindfulness


Mindfulness for daily life

Most of the time, we spend our days with a mind full of countless thoughts instead of being mindful. Little do we realise that setting aside 5 minutes in your day can actually help unload all that baggage in our minds.

You might be wondering how 5 minutes of mindfulness can change your life. Years of experience and wisdom have taught me that it is indeed possible. Some things aren’t too good to be true!

So, what is mindfulness? Simply put, mindfulness is a state of mind where you learn to connect with your core and the environment around you.

When you are mindful, you live in the present instead of being burdened with regrets from the past and a fear of the future. You stop living in autopilot and become more intentional about the way you live your life. Does it still sound too good to be true?

How can mindfulness change my life?

Mindfulness can change your life in three simple ways:

  • by observing oneself and others without being judgmental
  • by observing what we eat – what goes into our bodies is crucial for both physical and mental health
  • by observing how we treat the environment

Even though mindfulness, as a practice, goes back to ancient Buddhist traditions, the process to achieve this state of mind is alive and well. In fact, following the practice of mindfulness regularly has been shown to lead to:

  • Reduced daily levels of stress, anxiety and even depression
  • Higher focus and attention while carrying out tasks
  • Improved memory and retention
  • Balanced emotional reactions and responses
  • Open-mindedness instead of fixed mindsets
  • Healthier and stronger relationships

5 minutes of mindfulness can change your life, and sometimes it can change the world

Just like the words and actions of one young schoolgirl – Greta Thunberg – can start a powerful movement, a small change in our daily life can have a huge impact on our lives.

Even if you spend just 5 minutes a day on mindfulness practices, you can find it to be a life-changing process. Simple ways to make it a part of your day are to do whatever makes you feel at peace. Some people choose to sit down in a quiet corner and meditate, while others find that a walk in a nearby park helps them be more present in the moment. You could do yoga, or just lie down and focus your breathing for 5 minutes.

However you choose to do it, mindfulness is the first step towards self-awareness, and self-awareness is the first step towards doing. When you invest in mindfulness, all your actions begin to get determined by your renewed self-awareness. What you think and feel gets translated into action.

Internal transformations are the most profound kind, and that change inside us can manifest in many different ways externally. Making mindfulness a part of our days can liberate us from the thoughts that often trap us into overthinking.

So, what would you like to be – mind full, mindless or mindful?

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