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How many types of healing are there?


Healing or energy healing is an ancient healing system that helps replenish the balance and flow of energy throughout your mind, soul and body. Healing works promptly with emotional, physical and spiritual facets of your well being.

Energy healing is used to treat a variety of medical conditions such as mental health disorders and other illnesses caused by disturbed energy flow in the body. When the energy flow inside the body gets rebuilt, you automatically get cured.

Most common types of healing are

Chakra healing

We have a number of chakras but mainly there are seven. Each chakra is linked to a certain body part and probable illnesses of that part. Unstable chakras cause malfunctions in the body. Visualization of chakras and their colors and chakra meditation keep them balanced and allow free energy flow.

Qigong healing 

This healing technique is used to renew the lost balance of the body. It is over 4000 years old. It includes combined movements of body along with meditation and breathing to promote health and spirituality. Qigong is said to balance the positive energy of the body that is crucial to stay healthy.

Quantum healing

This healing therapy is established on principal of resonance. The energy level in our body is escalated through visualization of energy flow and breathing. Quantum healing directs positive effects on the immune system and repair it spiritually.

Crystal healing

Crystals and stones are used to pull out the impurities from our body. These work contrarily on the body as they target varied spiritual, emotional and physical problems. Crystal healing technique repulse negative energy from your body which offend physical and mental well being.


Pranic healing

It is all about utilizing the life energies to expedite the natural potential of body to heal itself. It allows you to suppress prana to fetch your stability and to target healing life force that clean up the toxins from body.

Reiki healing

Reiki therapy in combination to conventional medicine is used to treat an illness. It involves lots of hand movement techniques and particular symbols to channelize the energy of universe to rejuvenate the body. Reiki healing can help with health conditions like headache, stomach distance, cold and flu. It is also beneficial for severe  conditions such as heart disease.


In this type of healing practice, pressure is pertained to acupuncture energy meridian points by the hands and elbows of healing practitioner. He or she may also use particular devices to generate energy points.


You may think that aromatherapy is just a therapy that make you relaxed and smells good like perfume and scented candles. But actually it is a restorative application of essential oils dampened in a solution. Aromatherapy facilitate physical as well as mental healing.

Craniosacral healing

It is a very delicate form of healing. This therapy is performed by applying soft finger tip pressure to special points around the head, knees, feet and body. It’s purpose is to wipe perceived constraints to enhance the function of central nervous system.

Healing doesn’t mean that the devastation never occurred but it means that defect is not influencing our lives. It is a mental strategy towards energy or spiritual healing. Healing occurs when we start to reconnect with our critical being deliberately. It involves channeling of healing energy and this energy can heal you.

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