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Dalai Lama advice to the youth


The Dalai Lama is the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader. He got the Noble Peace prize. There is no doubt, his holiness the Dalai Lama is one of the most respected spiritual personalities, whom people look up to as  an incredible spiritual teacher. He frequently reminds people that we have to live a meaningful life towards one another.

He says, youth is the real human generation and you will give a new shape to this planet and you people are going to observe the rest of this century. So you are a very important generation. In this century, there are lots of problems which we all have to face. Most of these problems are virtually created by us therefore we also have the potential to minimize or to overcome these problems. 

Dalai Lama advice the youth 

To think more about the global level because our individual interests eventually depend on the global situation. 

-Youth has to lead the rest of their life in this century so you have to think about the global issues. For that, youngsters need to make good preparations involving skills, education and expertise. 

-You should have, is your willpower and your devotion that is based on self confidence. In order to build self confidence you have to be honest, truthful and transparent. These are the key sources of our strength. You have to work to foster gentleness and kindness by enhancing and strengthening natural human qualities.

– He expects the youth for peacebuilding work because youth is the future. He said that his all trust and hope is in youth now.

To quote here- His Holiness the Dalai Lama advises youth to continue his work of building peace. He said that he is feeling more tired now at his age so he must limit his travel for peacebuilding work. So he think 

-Dalai Lama advises the youth that the world doesn’t belong to leaders but it belongs to humanity. We are humans so we should be kind whenever it’s possible to promote humanity. When you work for humanity it leads to happiness.

He says, things may be serious sometimes but if we think appropriately by using our emotional intelligence we can deal with every situation. Our intellect has the amazing ability to see the actuality. Emotions can be disruptive because when our emotions interfere, we are able to see just one trait of the situation. When our minds are relaxed, our intelligence can see the total reality. 

Spiritual leader Dalai Lama advice to the youth to take up the responsibility to nurture love and religious harmony. He says that your mission should be to become more ethical and more truthful. You are educated and you have outstanding intelligence so you should look at the things from different angles.

Dalai Lamas is a most beloved and most followed figures in the entire world. His main motive is to spread peace all over the world. Wherever he goes whoever he meets, he unfailingly procreates the wholeness of mankind and improvement of humanity is his prominent commitment. His holiness the Dalai lama advice the youth that encouraging humanity and peace should be their first preference. He wants the youth to take up the charge of his peacebuilding work. Incorporate your inner strength and proficiency and you can confound all problems.

COVID 2019 has taught us all a lot about ourselves on an individual level. We have also seen and learnt about the leaders around the world how greedy, nationalist, self-center, and corrupt they are. We have seen how one individual can oppose so many people. Are we all here to oppose, kill, hurt, lie each other or are we here to live as one human community?

Keep in mind the above advice and be aware of your body, mind and speech actions in your everyday life.

I would like all of us to remember one truth that is backed by science that we are on a planet called EARTH and WE are in SPACE. WITHOUT GRAVITY WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ALL OF US.

I leave you with these thoughts until next time thanks for coming by on my blog.

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